What to do if you are not happy in your career?

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If You’ve Ever Seen One Of These Signs, It’s Time To Switch Careers

Not happy career? Changing careers has become pretty common in the last few years. According to Indeed, 58 percent of workers will take a pay cut for a chance to change careers, and 49 percent already did. So, you won’t be alone if you decide your career isn’t for you. Here are the signs you should be on the lookout for.  

You Lost Your Confidence

Being in a career that makes you unhappy can negatively affect your mental and physical health. One of these effects is the loss of your self-esteem. Because you probably aren’t investing as much of your efforts as you should, your job results will start declining. You will also start feeling like anything you do is poorly made. 

Not happy career, All of these will decrease your confidence in your skills and yourself. But in truth, the source is your lack of engagement instead of lack of abilities. For example, if you are a full stack developer, you could start suffering from impostor syndrome, and you think you aren’t enough for the career. Instead of beating yourself up, take some time to think about why you don’t like your job. 

You Dream About Doing Something Else

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How many times a week do you find yourself with more than one tab on your browser researching other careers, leap years, or travel accommodations? If your answer was all the time or more than a few days, this is probably a sign. 

Always looking for a way to escape is a sign that you don’t want to be where you’re at anymore. It generally starts with you looking for entry-level salaries as a product manager and ends up with you almost signed up for the next available course. Although this on its own doesn’t have to be a sign; maybe you just like to travel and are always looking for cheap opportunities. 

But if you spend most of your time wishing you could be in another place and you identify with at least one of the other signs in this article, then it definitely means your career isn’t for you. Stop living for the next Friday or holiday to arrive and look for a job that makes you happy even on Mondays. 

You Can’t Find The Motivation

shift is real review
shift is real review

Another sign that your career isn’t for you is when you can’t find the motivation to get up every day and go to work. Plus, you probably spend your days at work struggling to find the energy to do all your tasks. The lack of motivation and energy comes from the lack of interest in what you do. 

When someone is passionate and motivated, they will find the energy no matter how they feel and what is happening in their life. For example, a motivated front end developer will do all their tasks and more if they feel motivated. But if not, they will probably deliver poor results and will have a hard time being creative. 

Not happy career, The lack of motivation can be even more critical in other professions where they have to interact more with the client, like customer service or PR representative. Dive deep within yourself to find the cause of your lack of motivation. And if it is your career, then it’s time for a career switch. 

You Don’t Know Your Purpose Anymore

We, as humans, need to have goals that motivate us every day. Something to reach some point in our lives that gives the effort we are putting now some meaning. This major goal is what many people call a purpose. Some of the best motivational advice you heard tell you to find your purpose in life. What is it that you want to achieve before dying?

Most times, people find careers that align with that purpose. It helps them feel fulfilled and happy with what they are doing. For example, let’s say you decide your purpose is to help others, so careers like healthcare, education, and even law are good choices. But sometimes, our purpose gets lost in all the problems and challenges we face, and we forget it.

Also, being in a profession that doesn’t align with your purpose will probably make you forget it faster. Take some time to find it again and decide if switching careers will be best. 
In Summary

All of these signs are telling you your current career isn’t for you. If you identify with at least two of these, you probably do need a career switch. Stop letting fear rule your decisions, and be happy now. 

Even if you are feeling like this in your forties and fifties, you can still make a career change. The technology industry, for example, is a good choice because you can learn the skills in coding bootcamps and online courses. Whatever you decide, start now instead of later.

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