Money mania syndrome

money mania syndrome
money mania syndrome is new

What is money mania syndrome?

Money mania syndrome is a mental disorder.  It is curable, also stress full mental situation occur with people who try to make money fast online and fail. When it come work from home,make money online people get bombarded with program to program. sales pitch another so they have no idea whats working. once they realize they have to choose what ever program come across and they try it because they really need money,,and it is not a money mania sweep ticket or one night get rich thing. they have to make it once they fail they going to feel negetivetiness and feel like they really need money  ( a mania to have lots of money and same time they have to go through lots of challenges to make it happen.

How to over come money mania syndrome?

It is about the time. We always want money but money is not can not bring happiness or life for  do not focus or chase money 1st.if money come like a mania as a result of it is going away more than we close to it.

to over come money mania issue they have to think about how money made,Most time you have to give something valuable by taking money from some one a exchange of value. it may physical product or information product.once you find a way to own this value you only have to focus on who going to buy or join with what you offer.

So give a value or product to right people and right time and they will exchange due to their money for it so then you will get some success over time and make some money. When you have lots of money  because feel more less stress and have more time what you want to do.

money mania syndrome Signs and symptoms

Feel so much negativity

feel no one care about you

seems like want everything free

always chase money

no time to do anything

want sleep and watch tv and movies

do not care about other people

not creative

call life is suck

think never going to make any money

feel always losing

also not want to get any risk

do not have a goal set up

Any solutions for money mania syndrome.

best thing is take time to learn while you earn. how to make money online or offline and then implement what you learn. therefore it is easy.

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