Top 20 pain affects most people suffer from


20 pain affects:Are you convicted of any?

1. The pain of your physical body
2. The mental pain inside your mind
3. The pain of relationships
4. The pain of loss and defeat after trying to make money online.
5. The pain of setbacks and temporary side tracks
6. The pain of confusion and lack of clarity
7. The pain of unfulfilled desires
8. The pain of adversity, difficulty and obstacles
9. The pain of not getting the results that you want

10. The pain of progress slow and fast
11. The pain of loneliness where nobody supports your dreams.
12. The pain of people judging you, when trying to achieve something.
13. The pain of lies misinformation and people fooling you
14. The pain of losing money, lots of money all the flipping time
15. The pain of regret and remorse
16. The pain of information overload and not knowing what to do.
17. The pain of fear
18. The pain of being paralyzed by limiting beliefs
19. The pain of enemies succeeding in temporarily harming you and your reputation
20. The pain of CHASING DREAMS!

Once you go through them you will feel you are suffer from one,two or many

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