Disgusting Neil Lennon Video ?

Who is Neil Lennon and Disgusting Neil Lennon Video?

Disgusting Neil Lennon Video
Disgusting Neil Lennon Video

Disgusting Neil Lennon Video story went viral, Neil Lennon Once he become football manager of the year..Was a football coach from Northern Ireland.

He was also former football player, Recent times N Lennon. Manage Scottish Premiership club Celtic after Neil resigned from Celtic manager job. also, Lennon got some critics for Celtic’s failures.

Wrongful Neil Lennon video
Wrongful Neil Lennon video

Wrongful Neil Lennon video

Fans are concern about this viral critical video,it shows visit to an outdoor pub in Newcastle. In this video someone yelling at him something like “See you Neil, you ginger….”

Coach Neil Lennon video
Coach Neil Lennon video

Recent video filed in England went viral after, less lockdown rules in UK made him go to a small pub and start drinking
also it shows someone tries to handle him by grabbing his neck.

Angry Neil Lennon at press
Angry Neil Lennon at press

He also talk about his spouse and fail to reppeat things again then story goes, thats the point some person
shouting at him saying above words…

Some of Neil Lennon famous sayings are…

If there needs to be a change, so be it

Neil Lennon

I don’t feel under any pressure at all. I don’t feel that I should be under any pressure either

You can’t dwell on the past. You can analyse it at the end of the season or over the piece. We are just concentrating on the present and getting a groove on

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