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What happened to Vincent Ortega

What’s Going with Vincent Ortega and his fast life.

What happened to Vincent Ortega. We saw Vincent Ortega had beautiful kids and have great family time back in 2015 but we see his Facebook says no relationship status and with new venture we see he working with a different person

so what happened to their marriage?

What happened to Vincent Ortega Jr wife

Just comment below if you knwo the answer

we are searching VIP online business world Gossip network too so we love to find out what’s going on in his life and share with his fans let sus know comment below.

if vincentortega jr found this post simply answer we all fans of your and love to know what going on..yes its personal life but as we invest on you we love to know your family life cuz you always pray for women and childs to be great faimly since what going on you we are worried.

but whatever your new life changes and decides if it good we are happy thing happen changes happens divorces happen people cheat each other all those real-world situations so we know but we love you care about

new salesvision and new life partner of yours


So back in 2019 end, he was promising people if they buy or involve in salvevisoin he gives his car Bently on his birthday June 2020. Not only that he also said he gave the old house he uses to live with the partner…did he gave his car away?

It seems like he never did it.. so it says something… you have to think.. All we saw is he was selling Salesvison left to right promising people he gives away $150,000 worth car on him Birthday, what happened to Real Vincent.. if u found this post share it and comment below… comments up to you.. even Vincent see this post please share your true story and let us know what really happened?

What happened to Vincent Ortega and new life 2020

, so we found now he with a lady call Asia and going to have a baby with her. , and he keeps promoting his crypto related business and marketing system call salesvission.

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  1. His girlfriend was Heather Shabdach. They never got married. They were planning a big wedding when she got pregnant (again). They postponed the wedding, but then it never happened. She has a child from a previous relationship, and Vince and Heather have 3 children together. He abandoned them in Kansas City to run around and peddle his scams?? He was in California for some time, but is now in Florida with his new girlfriend who calls herself “Asia Love.” She is part of his latest pyramid scheme??

  2. Yes, he’s been sleeping with that Asia girl who also has 2-3 kids, They both left their family to peddle this ridiculous business called SalesVision (which has no clear vision) it’s just a hot mess with no direction.

    I think he’s completely lost his mind, to be honest! He believes that he’s some kind of prophet that will help all of God’s children. He promised to give away all his material possessions (home, car, etc…) It’s never happened yet. He’s also promised endless leads for his Diamond members, which happened once and never happened again…

    I think he’s deep into debt, trying to finalize his divorce and trying to stay positive. I give this company another 2 months and it’s gone.

    • hey Adam
      Even you may go a little bit deep into his personal detail but we approve your comment as it may help many people/fans who looking for real Vincent and what’s going on his life it’s important for those who going to take financial advice or pay him for his mentoring and training and using his Softwares. so thank you for sharing your insights!

  3. I was about to pay him 997 for salesvission back 2019 Dec when he said he gives away car for his birthday but i did not trust him

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