Instant cash solution overview

Does Instant cash solution scam?

Instant cash solution overview, look like it is a peer to peer money laundering cash gifting type program so start run 🙂

next when you see something like this its almost Martic pay system and never scalable business and not legit business model,if you try to run google ads they will ban you for life so now you got an idea why google hate this kind of programs because they are not real business models.

Instant cash solution overview
ics scam?

who found it?

someone call Rich Meyer as we did our research have background making these types of quick money system over time and get rid f them as they get bad reviews. and mastermind new name and idea and run it again so this may leads newbies to buy and quit their online business dream feel bad right…

Instant cash solution complan

pays members $100 to $500 commissions for recruiting others into the same system. 

Instant cash solution

hows the home page looklike?

Instant cash solution overview
It categorise as get rich quick money system Instant Cash Solution?

Instant Cash Solution builds as a business opportunity to make an instant commission for their paid members. they call it DFY. With different levels of plan they offer digital products like done for you copy-paste type ads, you pay post into social or any type of forums to get clicks. its kind spam method. if the prospect do the same and sends money to other members they can dop the same.

This is not affiliate marketing it’s like you get someone to pay cash as a gift it also calls cash gifting systems. and then as admin, ICS will charge one-time payment. the owner try to get the desire from that American dream if people buy this product they can make good money which is not true.

Even to sell this type of program you may need skills to get peoples desires and let them know its marketing skill but bad news is newbies can not do this even they get the system for onetime payment which is total failer and they might quit from everything they do and say those are scams so that’s why counzila educate people to learn and earn with affiliate marketing system like MOS ( click button below)

what levels they got

Instant Cash Solution found 4 system membership levels its call

  • $100 Bronze level
  • $200 Silver level
  • $300 Gold level
  • $500 Platinum top level

level differential buy the resources they got as you start from lover level you will get minimum level tools and resources to play the game but its all about cash gifting, not the resources.

You also get affiliate links and websites that system run from its own subdomains which now social media consider as spam links

People also can upgrade the right way to the top level and will get a discount for taking action.

Here are some Bronze level rescuers just top get an idea,

  • Pre-written ads
  • Classified ad headlines
  • Email swipes
  • The classified advertising training course
  • Instant Cash Solution(ISC) marketing system (capture page and autoresponder emails)
  • ICS members areas (training and marketing resources)
  • Personal ICS website(hosting included)
  • Facebook marketing training
  • Craigslist training
  • ISC training video library(online marketing training videos)
  • 24-7 ISC webinar that explainS and sell this program
  • E-book library
  • Resell Rights to all ICS memberships(Bronze, Silver and Gold)

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