Top 6 practices Learned from Elon Musk

How does Elon Musk exist and who is he..???

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What are those 6 valuable lessons that we can learn from him to grow our business habits!!

  1. Looking for endless criticism. “When my friends get a product, I ask them to please not tell me what they like. Rather, tell me what you don’t like. And if I’ve asked that a few times of people, then they will start automatically telling me without me having to always ask the question.”“When I spoke with someone about the Tesla Model S, I didn’t really want to know what’s right about the car. I want to know what’s wrong about the car.”
  2. Face real world Challenges and find unique solutions.(being educated)
  3. Concentrate on ups and down before take any actions.                                                       “At Tesla, we’ve never spent any money on advertising. We’ve put all our money into R&D, engineering, design, and manufacturing to build the best car possible. When we consider spending money, we ask if this will create a better product? If not, we don’t proceed with spending the money.”                                                                                                                                                                     Stephen Covey calls this putting first things first. Focus on what matters, ignore the rest.
  4. Create an in advance plan to address possible failures.Think Failure is an option.                                                                                                                                       “If we don’t get the first SpaceX rocket launch to succeed by the time we’ve spent $100 million, we will stop the company. That will be enough for three attempted launches.”After all attempts one achieve success and they won a  $1.6 billion contract from NASA
  5. No worries  “I figured if I could live off a dollar a day then, at least from a food stand point, it’s pretty easy to earn $30 a month.”Elon Musk
  6. Find Solutions to our problems or solve problems that world faces.Do something helpful.

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