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Email marketing and autoresponder and tracking service Traffic wave net Review

Email marketing and autoresponder and tracking service Traffic wave net Review.

Email Marketing-Introduction 

TrafficWave is a 24/7 email Marketing autoresponder technology developed for small and medium sized businesses in over 100 countries in the world. It allows clients to access a web –based system to manage and send newsletters, special offers, sales letters and any other information which the client considers to be important, to their subscribers on a 24 hour basis anytime of the day. TrafficWave has a reputation for creating and managing technology which has been used by the Federal Bureau of Investigations and several Top Tier Internet Service Providers.

Its many features include but are not limited to email marketing:

  • Unlimited Management of List
  • Unlimited Subscribers In Each List
  • Unlimited Data Collection
  • Easy Schedule Broadcast with a Mouse Click.
  • Email Marketing Tracking of Open Rates
  • Click –Through Tracking
  • Easy Creation of Convenient Opt-In Forms for websites  
  • User ability to Send HTML or Text Messages.
  • Easy Access to Technology with no downloading required
  • Unlimited Free Customer Support.
  • One of world’s best affiliates program that can make money same time doing marketing

Email Marketing

The Good Points

TrafficWave Email Marketing system has already developed a reputation for serving some major clients. In spite of that, its technology can be utilized by the smallest of businesses. It has a broad base of users such as clubs, organizations, entrepreneurs and home based businesses.

One of the more exciting features is the ability of the client to stay connected to their customers, prospects or members from any computer anywhere in the world and that  they can do so on a 24/7 basis email Marketing.

Users would be happy to hear that access to TrafficWave is uncomplicated with no downloading or installations as well as having an offer of a free 30 day trial that allows them to try the product before they buy it. This gives the prospective buyer the opportunity to make an informed decision about whether or not to buy and also gives some transparency to the product.

There is nothing as convincing though, for the success of product than the reviews and testimonials of persons who have used it .Traffic Wave email marketing service has been fortunate to have some very complimentary testimonial from clients businesses who have had the experience of using it. I will share only one of the many reviews.

“I currently use autoresponders to build a list of Buyers looking for homes and also a Seller’s list looking to sell their homes. We match up Sellers and Buyers. I love automation! In 30 days we have close to 40 Buyers on our list.”

— Steve Kuenkel, Owner
Cincy Investor’s Group

The Bad Points

Despite the many accolades given to this technology, there are some points that clients may want to be a wary of before buying.

Security of information and privacy for clients should always be two fundamental elements and features of any web-based system, especially those communicating information worldwide. Though TrafficWave has  a privacy policy in place, I have failed to see any clear and deliberate feature on this system, which assures the client that any and all communication is protected from intrusion and unauthorized access.

Potential clients  should also ensure that they carefully read the terms and conditions of their purchase as TrafficWave has a no refund and no warranty policy which accepts no responsibility of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the service it is providing. In its agreement TrafficWave disclaims itself from any responsibility of damage suffered whether by its own negligence or that of the user. This includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, mis-deliveries or service interruptions.

Added to that and based on the feedback of several users the ease of using the system is only had if the user  takes the time to carefully study information found in the Training section. This implies that the user must train himself. For some this is fine, no problem, for others as indicated in the feedback received, it is problem which is compounded by what is considered to be a lack of  high quality customer support even though this is highlighted as a major feature.

The Verdict
There are several products out there offering email marketing and auto response services, however what may differentiate this product from the others is that they offer a collection of auto response and email marketing services that may suit the pocket of many users costing only $17.95 flat rate per month, for unlimited subscribers. This is a relatively good price. All in all I think it is a good product .However, I would recommend any potential customer should take advantage of the free 30 day trial of this service we recommend here, far better than trafficwavenet before buying. It is an easy process and there is no need to enter any credit card information thus eliminating the fear of “commitment thereafter”.

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