Does Shift is real?

Do you really need Shift is real AKA Essential Access Network Marketing system?

The Shift is Real master

The Shift is Real review, EAN’s Top partner co-founder Joshua Beistle and other co-founder Burke Hedges (an author)

So our question was do you really need it ? The problem here is they charge monthly or yearly price weather you or your family member sick or not… And remember this is not an insurance coverage this just a service that you can access to doctors online. A service offer for telehealth type Teletherapy call to a Doctor or Therapist 24/7.

The Shift is Real review, We’re looking at super marketing system that made behind this amazing offer that people have to pay monthly so those marketers can make huge commission..but keep in mind only the top people will make money and down lines going to dry out over time. As soon as when you heard spill over companies you have to run. If you really like the service then you can directly go to Essential Access Network and get the product.

We here covering this review to help newbies who want to make money online.other than that this product is great if you have people sick all the time.

Bottom line you can easily understand that this is not an insurance so why those marketers need us sick all the time? Or why if they really care and make it as a credit system. The Shift is Real overview.

Like you can buy credits and pay using credits and you do not have to pay every month (they have trick if you have yearly planned you may get discount but still if you David it by 12 you can calculate amount you pay monthly….but why sake of marketing system people up line make those new marketer to promote it, so they can make money monthly.

But the truth is people want to stay healthy stay away from sickness and this is huge waste of money. They should change it pay as you go credit system.

What shift is real has to done with Joshua Beistle?

The Shift is Real co founder

If any of you remember he started one of these type marketing systems s B.S spill over comp plans system call 1day work week ( probably name idea came from 4hr work week Tim faris 😂😂

What is the SHIFT?

It’s just marketing brand name to EAN and they say we are in middle of digital information revolution. And with Covid-19 hit the way we live and work fundamentally changes.

The Mission is great

EAN’s mission is to help mission of people around the world to get essential access to telehealth, telecounseling and wellness solutions 24/7 and 365 days year for as little as free (here the catch you get nothing for free)

The Shift is Real review cont….. And the questionable things was when the marketers start it as only Unites states only then how come it suddenly got worldwide, we think just because of the marketing system.

We can not claim anything here at this point we can update this review, but we here to help people who paying monthly to access to tale heath while they can get free tale counseling or telehealth from their family doctors for free.

But what not going to work with shift is real comp plan?

The Shift is Real overview
here is the problem 3 and FREE

The problem of direct marketing and MLM most time it says get 3 and your free. The problem with marketing not every one on same capacity to bring 3 people who can pay monthly for online service that they can access locally and pay monthly to this system just to make money and then when down line members s start to cancel and it will spill upwards and going to top and each by each going to lose there 3.

So this is only work for super affiliates, and they will make quick money and will jump to next big thing.. And the 5% always going to lose.

Proven compensation plan for The shift is real

The Shift is Real review

They say weekly residual commission but its colorful, but we have no idea how this going to make it work.. Few months ago we review a program call Tradera that do bit same strategy and failed and split to 2 companies.

next comp plan is generational fast start bonus 🤣🤣-The Shift is Real review

These traditainl MLm compalans are all about if if if…… so its good for top 3 super affailiate markets who started the system.. they will bank big but what about 95% who want this product and want to make money???

No going to happen as they wish.. We’re telling this with 10+ years experience.. Good if you are already super affiliate you can bring people in.. We now can see its blow up with free accounts, but we highly encourage not to upgrade and paying monthly not worth as business wise..but if your family always sick and want help go ahead and get the help locally.

3rd part of the shift is real comp plan

One guy call Doug Wellens

This guy huge creating cheap looking marketing systems and launches and get all the super affiliate to promote systems. The problem with these guys they are look like helping but very shell fish and take care of their own pockets fist..why not make this as a credit system pay as you get service type and why they all have to pay monthly and how come they offer this type of service discounted price.. This all about marketing and newbies does not understand.

The shift is real review – pricing

Why admin fee

Ibo means independent business owners so this shift is real review start shift is real marketing system review, so they charge fee to be an affiliate plus they have to pay for the EAN too. And as long as refer 3 only they get free, but we say pay to play programs.

What is discouted price

The Shift is Real review As they mention for limited time they give Diamond annual for almost 1000 bucks, but we never heard of doctors give discounts to their patients this all mean marketing game to get small online home based business owners to promote this matrix type MLM program.


Our final design is EAN is legit network that provide telehealth programs and services but shift is real is all marketing system, created by MLM markets to promote EAN.

There way better programs that teach people how to create successful online business. Here what we recommend.


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