Online Business Plan

When It comes to small online business or Home base business. 1st of all you need a Plan. a daily schedule to work.if you have a full-time day job you need to put at least one hour per day to your small home base online business.

And next when you have Plan and schedule. its good to go.but As you already know any business need investment to get return. so you have to put money on advertising,out sourcing and marketing.Out sourcing is very important. because you can not do everything watch that.

Next you must need tools because most online businesses don’t need physical location but it need tools to run there 4 most important tools i lay down below.

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Web analytic and tracking
  3. Landing page service
  4. web hosting.

If you don’t have them just start signing up below. most tools allow you free to join or free limited time trials so you can sign up and see what they got.

To connect with your customers you need official system most time people can connect through social media but if you want to send them personal training, advises,information you need email marketing.

below i list down 3 most renowned email marketing systems that give different kind of services,features and test accounts for free.

Email Marketing platforms.

Aweber: Allow 30 day trail and great deliverability and price goes up as your list grows. See info..

Get Response: Allow 30 day trial and same as Aweber great deliverability and price goes up as your list grows. but price is lower than Aweber. Get it free here.

Rocket Responder: Build affiliate marketers in mind, Deliverability depends on what you send and your communication ethics. price is flat rate. as your list grow price stay same.(as the time we wrote this post) try them here.

Ontraport: High deliverability and very good email marketing and landing page service for higher budgets. Get started here.

Campaigner: Price go up with list grows ,great deliverability capacities included. try now here.

Benchmark. allow 2000k subscribers for free plan. Great platform to start. Go here.

All above email marketing platforms are great and recommend. We used them all. It depend on your requirement and budget. i also wrote summary of them above.

2.Web analytic and tracking

Google analytics is the best free platform for analytics. sign up

When it comes to tracking and advance statistics. Want to know more about your competition and User behavior, you better need paid tools. Below we mention best of the best.

Google analytic: Free to use and you can sign up using your gmail account and then get analytic tracking code and add it your your pages that you want to track.

Click majic: mostly using for marketing purpose. you can track web page conversion rates and optin rates much more see more info here

Click meter same like click meter little bit higher price than click magic but give you more advance features and statistics about user behaviors.try their free ac here

Semrush: Best analytic tools for when you have higher competition and want more data keywords, and competitor data  best thing is they got free account for every one see info here.

Landing page service

Ontraport; They allow you create free account with some traffic limits but good thing is they good email marketing and landing pages in one hood so if you may like to get all the services in one place. This PLATFORM is great. see info here to open free account.

Clickfunnels: Most successful funnel system at the moment you can create any landing pages with adding funnels like high end ticket products up sales, membership pages, video marketing coach lessons, ab split tests, you can integrate to any email marketing platform we mentioned above using api key or your html code and much more. See here 14 day trial try it..

Counzila Amaze Pages: We created Counzila amaze pages affiliate marketers,home base business, online business and online small business owners in mind. Who do not have much tech skills. Or some time they have no time to create pages and add codes,integrate. So we create high quality landings pages,mobile responsive. We add your email marketing code (email marketing system of your choose above0 and you build your list and send email, no caps on traffic which you can send, you only worry about marketing and advertising pages we make send unlimited traffic and build big list make more money. for less than cup of star buck coffee. see more info about Counzila amaze landing pages here.


Web hosting.

When it comes to online presence with out physical location your blog or web site is the place people go. so you need your own web site for any business you run. below 3 hosting services you can try. and we tries and works nice. good customer services, and pricing and features.

I page: get great customer service 24/7 and you can get started very lower price your blog or site sign up

Fast comet: very good pricing plans and easy payment methods,Domain for life. much more see info

Wp engine : super fast hosting bit pricey but great hosting service see more info here

Hostgator.: great web hosting service to get started. see more info your self.

Namecheap: another great domain register sell domain names very cheap as well as hosting see more info here.


This is the basic plan and start for go ahead and take action.

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