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How to set up a Facebook Ads Campaign? start today

Facebook Ads Campaign

Here I will show you step by step how to set up a successful Facebook Ads Campaign. The steps we will cover are:

Step 1: Identify your Audience
Step 2: Create your Facebook Page
Step 3: Optimize your Facebook Page
Step 4: Creating your Ads: Results
Step 5: Creating your Ads: Images
Step 6: Creating your Ads: Text and Links
Step 7: Creating your Ads: Audience
Step 8: Creating your Ads: Campaign Pricing
Let’s start with the First Step,

 Identify your Audience

In Facebook Ads Campaign The first step is to make sure your topic has an audience on Facebook. If there is not an audience in Facebook, to whom would you be advertising in Facebook Ads Campaign, correct?The easiest way in the world to do this is by using the Facebook Search Bar.

        In Facebook Ads Campaign Here you will research for a term that may directly identify your business activity. That term will represent a real audience on Facebook, and that exact audience is who you will be advertising to by using Facebook Ads.This term is very important. It will be used to create the Title of your Facebook Page as well. That title is what people will search for in order to find more information about the subject of your business.It is very important to use the name of your business as the name of your Facebook Page, but a popular term may be combined with that name at the same time.Maybe a lot of people would look for your business name on Facebook, but you could target a great deal of more people by using a hot term on Facebook at the same time.In my situation I would like to create a Facebook Page for my Cake Decorating small business. What I will do is use the Facebook search bar and see what the Cake Decorating terms, me audience, look like.You just need to type the term to be searched without clicking anything and without hitting enter.

As you can see, Facebook Ads Campaign gives you several results right away while you are tying your search. And here you see a really nice example of a business name together with at hot Facebook topic: Wilton Cake Decorating.There are several components that will tell you if your topic is hot on Facebook.

The first component In Facebook Ads Campaign is a lot of likes. You see that all the likes together in this very basic search surpasses a million.That means more than a million people on Facebook like cake decorating. It’s that simple. Of course, many of those likes are made by the same people.But we will know exactly how many real people like Cake Decorating when we set up our Facebook Ads. Nevertheless, it will be a lot better to have a really good idea right at the beginning instead of investing effort, time and money and find out in the last step that the topic is not hot on Facebook.

The second component In Facebook Ads Campaign of a hot Facebook term is the presence of several Facebook Pages. As you can see there are several Cake Decorating Pages on Facebook, and all of them have a lot of likes.This means people keep liking this types of pages, and if you create one it’s highly likely that you will get that same excitement on yours too.Looking at these pages is something great because you can identify hot topics inside the Cake Decorating topic, which is something extremely helpful to your own ad creation.

The 3rd component In Facebook Ads Campaign of a hot Facebook topic is the presence of several groups, as well as their size.As you can see, thousands of members don’t just like cake decorating, but they are also part of a community that likes cake decorating.Clicking on a like button is very easy to do, but joining a Facebook Group is something that tells you people like the topic enough to be part of a community and learn or interact about the subject.

The 4th Component In Facebook Ads Campaign is one of the most important ones, and that is real interaction about the subject. To find out about it we will need to take a closer look at one of these really hot pages.This interaction is evidenced by identifying 3 types of activities: Post Likes, Post Shares and Post Comments.And those activities are reflected in a number known as “talking about this” which refers to the number of unique users that have made anything related to this Facebook Page, such as: liking a post, sharing a post of commenting on a post.As you can see there is a lot of activity in this Facebook Page; 40.000+ people are talking about the topic inside this Facebook Page, which may not seem that great compared to the number of likes.

However, clicking a like is extremely simple to do, but going inside a Facebook Page, taking a look at the content of the page, liking a post, sharing it and commenting about it is a lot of interaction.

This can easily tell you that those 40.000 people are a really cool audience to interact with and present some really hot offers in the subject every now and then.Inside the Wilton Cake Decorating Facebook Page you will see how people interact inside the page.You will see that very recent posts are coming and a lot of likes, shares and posts are made in every single one of them all around the Page which is just amazing.Great, now I’m really sure that my topic is hot so I will keep going to create my Facebook Page now.

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