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Benefits for businesses|facebook ads

Most popular and trusted website: Facebook is the most trusted and second most popular website, with 1.28 billion users, after Google. It will help to build your brand loyalty. You have to provide valuable and entertaining content to your followers.
Cost Effective: This starts with your business page, which costs you exactly $0. You spend thousands of dollars to create considerable bargaining power for your product. Using Facebook will cost only a fraction of that amount and get more customers than any other online marketing strategies. This feature is good for small and medium size organization to reach their customers.
Determine Targeting Parameter: Before starting your campaign you have to determine your targeted audience. You can create targeted ads with targeting parameter. You can post the Facebook ads for a particular location and specify with their area of interest, age and likes.More flexible than Google AdWords: Facebook ads are more flexible as compared to Google AdWords. Facebook provides users the ability to create ads with additional character length and also provides Image based ads, which add flexibility in Facebook Ads.
PPC and CPM pay structures: Facebook offers cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-thousand (CPM), and Optimized CPM (OCPM) methods to its advertisers to promote their product. You may choose a campaign according to your budget.

Graphic Capabilities: With every Facebook ad, Businesses can add images with text as well, and studies show when images and graphics are embedded with an ad, the interest rate of buyers reaches its peak.
Exposure: Nowadays, it has become very difficult to reach your customer organically. Most Facebook pages reach 6% of the people who have liked them,and many pages get fewer likes. To overcome this situation, Advertisement with Facebook is the best way to beat the algorithm of Facebook.

Benefits for Internet Marketers:Easy networking and communication tool: Facebook is the easiest networking and communication tool for everyone. Facebook also provides a great function with Facebook pages, the Facebook Insight.

Facebook insights are easy to understand for a non-technical marketer, and they provide great information. This page measures:

  •  How many page likes you have
  •  Reach of your posts and page
  •  Engagement of your followers with the page
  •  Post-performance

User popularity: Most of people use Facebook, and so there are huge opportunities for online marketers to promote their products and services to get new customers. If they find you active and responsive, they will be more likely to do business with you.

Increase in traffic/subscribers: You can use your Facebook page to drive traffic to your own website. Use link posts on your page to drive more traffic. This works so well, now Facebook can generate a thumbnail image for your website page, if it is available on Facebook. Images grab more attention and get more clicks than a link.

Increase in sales: Advertiser sales revenue increased 60% with Facebook Ads. You have to add your basic business information, along with your product overview and product images. You have to link your website in the “About” section of page. Finally, you have to define at least one category to your page to turn on relevant searches.

Lead Generation: You want to provide yourself a long term and sustainable business. You can create a short term good living with your Facebook page. You have to make connections outside of Facebook with your customers. You have to gather their information in form of email addresses so that you can contact them outside of Facebook.

Discoverable: Visitors will be able to find you on Facebook easily if you have an account or page on Facebook. Add accurate details of your page, such as category, description, address, contact info and website.You also have to add a profile photo and cover image relevant with your website. You can also customize the address of that page to make it simple to find.

these are some Benefits for businesses from facebook ads but if you want to build business that can keep hopes as second income there are many ways to implement facebook ads.

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