How to make viral snips

How to make viral snips

Is it easy to Make viral snips?

If you use tools like sniply it is very easy to make call to actions with viral links posts when you share it
so this tool call you can go here and make free account..

How to make snips?

just create call to action with your brand. add links use their add on that match to your browser they have add-on that can use with your account integration
that way easily create short urls with snips

Brand your self and how inside Sniply

how to make viral snips

Sniply Types?
Button Snip: An eye-catching button that visitors can click on to visit your page

Form Snip: An email capture form for visitors to signup for your newsletter

Text Snip: A message with hyperlinked text that visitors can click on to your page

Image Snip: A custom banner image that visitors can click on to visit your page

Hidden Snip: Visually hide the Sniply bar while still making use of other functionality

Preview of your snip at the end of shared URL

Update: Sniply not recommended any more..

Wiser Nortify is new player on this game try it


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