Pay on performance base advertising

performance base advertising

What is Pay on performance base advertising?

when you advertise on a performance base ad platform you only pay if you get good  measurable results for your ad.

Performance base ad pricing,

CPM: cost per thousand or cost per mile they charge only on how many impressions or views sean by actual people. for cpm you pay for impression not for clicks so even some one not click you get charge once hit mile or 1k views.

CPC: cost per click. once you use this  pricing with this advertising method. always some one click your advertisement you have to pay per click, so even you get thousands of views if no one click you not get charge. that why this method works with great headlined and ad copy.

CPL: Cost per lead. This method most affiliate advertiser friendly. you only get charge when they take action fill out a form and when you get a real lead or opt in email or information you requested.


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