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Andre Popa Wikipedia

Andre Popa Wiki – Early life and career

Andre Popa Wikipedia Andre Popa also knows as Badass factory guy Badass father, badass entrepreneur. Born around 50s’ or later. Andre Popa lives with his family as a kid and as he grows work for dad as an Electrician. As a young adult, he always wants to be a badass boyfriend around the 2000s’, he met Beautifull girl Tami . Tami was from day 1 a kind heart, beautiful and spiritual lady. She was the only child of her family.

Andre Popa Wikipedia

​According to their public story Andre Popa was born in Romania. At his young age, his mother and father made it to the united states of America. Like all immigrants, English was their 2nd or even 3rd Language. and they were not rich at all. no choice but to work hard as a family to survive. His dads were only known skill as a badass Electrician so that’s the only type of job they can find and figure out to live in the land of dreams. With that skils and other help, they were able to start their own small business back then.

Andre Popa Wikipedia
Andre Popa Great Family

​Andre Popa learns to do Electrician stuff and had that Eneprepenuer Spirit from surrounding also he went above than their parent’s expectation to become skills full in Design & Construction. After that, he found really good high paying professional opportunities to hand around with the right people and building roofs for even well know high-status people around States.​

Andre Popa wiki – Business life

​As Andre popa found Tami at a young age they want to start their own business as a family and want to grow it that same time 11dezign brand born and they stick with it.

It not bad as 9/11 but they stick with Number 11 as it went close with their real-life events and spiritual life so they may use 11 for their business name too.​

As their 11dezign business grow their knowledge on building and construction they made it as Construction Powerhouse, also introducing the “One-Stop-Shop” solution for their clients. They also help remodel people’s homes or even building a brand new house, design and build an office or commercial space, or simply redesign your space they did everything for design-wise

Andre Popa CBD Business and coaching

Andre Popa Wiki

​Andre Popa always loves time freedom and financial freedom and love tequila, Mexican music, life, family, travel, business, adventure and having fun while making money.

Once Andre landed in California he was 9 and he worked hard to become badass Succesful. He joins force business in the CBD space found his niche in Multi-Level Marketing. and when it comes to different marketing terms it also calls Network Marketing.

Most people 95% don’t understand what it is. and make negative Impression on MLM But as an ultra-successful entrepreneur, Andre start MLM

He did not want to miss out on this life-changing opportunity that builds a business around CBD.

Andre Tweets – social stage
One of his Podcast YouTubes inteview

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