How AI Is Impacting Digital Freight Logistics?

Impacting Digital Freight Logistics
Impacting Digital Freight Logistics

AI Impacting Digital Freight Logistics, In the freight logistics industry, AI is impacting everything from monitoring and managing fleets of trucks to the way we track and manage inventory. 

Few industries have been as dramatically impacted by the rise of AI Impacting Digital Freight Logistics. Rising expenses caused by unprecedented disruptions are completely reshaping the industry, making it necessary to build resiliency and leverage more efficient processes. 

With the help of digital networks, freight brokers can use machine learning networks and automation to connect carriers and shippers, reducing wasted delivery hours.

Automation Cuts Shipping Expenses AI Impacting Digital Freight Logistics

According to the American Transportation Research Institute’s annual Operational Costs of Trucking research, the cost of trucking in 2021 increased to its highest level in the 15-year history of – almost $1.86 per mile. This was due to the obvious rise in gas prices, but also from more behind the scenes factors such as new truck cost, repair and maintenance increases, and driver shortages. A shortage of new trucks and driver wage increases of 10.8% meant that cost reduction anywhere possible was paramount. 

Automation can help get the most out of your resources and frees up time for other aspects of logistics management. A traditional freight brokerage operates manually, which means a broker may only learn about a missed pickup during business hours the next day. In the absence of a backup broker, the shipper must wait longer for the carrier to pick up its load, increasing the risk of slow response times and higher shipping costs.

A digital freight network helps automate pricing, matching, and scheduling of trucks to shipments. The human-driven operations shift to a machine-driven process, enabling e-commerce organizations to reduce costs and time spent finding the most reliable truck for every load. This means that there’s less chance that something will be overlooked or forgotten, which can have a huge impact on reducing errors and saving time overall.

Common application of this in the field is through Uber like apps to match independent truck drivers with shipments like what is seen below. 

AI Impacting Digital Freight Logistics
AI Impacting Digital Freight Logistics

Reduces Risk & Increase Supply Chain Resiliency

If a shipment network is the backbone of your e-commerce business, you need to ensure that it’s flexible and resilient enough to withstand any challenges. Risk management is critical for online businesses, which face a number of obstacles that could hinder their ability to perform their organizational mission. The most important feature of a digital freight network is its ability to provide a single source of truth for all shipment data. This allows you to track and monitor shipments in real-time, reducing costs and improving efficiency while helping your company remain agile.

Investing in a fully automated digital freight network allows you to protect your online organization from volatile environments, such as natural disasters and terrorism. Automated truck pricing and matching allow the immediate adaptation of demand shocks, ensuring that your company is always prepared for any situation.

Realtime Facility And Shipment Data Availability

In today’s online environment, real-time analytics can help businesses improve supply chain operations. By tracking shipment information and analyzing patterns, you can make predictions about future market trends and apply them to improving operational efficiency.

AI Impacting Digital Freight Logistics, A digital freight channel provides you with clear visibility into every step of the shipping process,from origin to destination—that may affect freight transportation expenses. You can use these insights during a pandemic, for example, to help you evaluate how shipment facilities are performing worldwide. With this knowledge in hand, you can empower your logistics team to improve your supply chain operations by choosing a reliable carrier.

Enables Comprehensive Shipment Tracking,AI Impacting Digital Freight Logistics

Real-time shipment construction visibility is an important benefit for e-commerce retailers. It allows companies to see where their shipments are at any given time, and it also provides insight into how long a shipment will take to arrive. This information makes it possible for logistics managers and planners to plan their operations more efficiently, so they can better meet customers’ needs. Carriers can view available freight loads and evaluate detailed specifications for each shipment.

When you choose the right digital freight matching service, you gain access to a wide selection of carriers capable of arranging pickups in a modern and automated fashion. This allows you to schedule deliveries in a quick, precise manner, which in turn boosts customer satisfaction and lowers shipping costs. Plus when you really know the ins and outs of the software and driver tendencies, you can take advantage of competitive positioning optimizing your bids/offers. 

Consolidated Communication

Effective communication is essential to the improvement of logistics management. A two-way communication channel between delivery personnel and your base operations enables customers to be notified of any unexpected revisions to their scheduled delivery, ensuring that parcels are delivered on time and more e-commerce store traffic is driven.

A digital freight network streamlines communication and reduces the time required for online logistics personnel and freight planners to confirm standard shipments by integrating messaging services. This feature enables you to organize freight information and develop a schedule based on unique shipment requirements.

Wrapping Up

The rise of e-commerce has transformed the shipping industry, and it’s clear that this trend is only going to continue. With digital freight networks, you can rest easy knowing that your shipments will get to where they need to go on time and in good condition. Digital freight networks have changed the way we think about logistics by introducing new technologies. The digital freight network will also provide insights into shipments and allow you to create resiliency in your supply chain, while lowering shipping costs through automation.

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