Best OCR tool in 2024?

Best OCR tool in 2024?

OCR Online is online software that can convert any type of image into a digital format. The tool is among the most proficient OCR tools we have.

With the whole world turning to technology, the need for text-to-digital conversion has increased. The data in digital form is easy to collect, compile, analyze, and secure. It also allows easier communication between relevant people and departments. 

The overall OCR market has soared up to USD 8.93 Billion in 20221. The fact shows the trust of the users in the reliability of this technology. The market has been forecasted to rise to USD 10.65 Billion by 2030, showing annual growth of 15.4% during the 2022-2030 period. 

The technology is being used in retail, healthcare, manufacturing, automation, the government sector, and many other fields. It has resulted in process automation, cost-saving, fast processing, and overall transparency of your work.These are the benefits that OCR online can provide to its users. Due to these benefits, we recommend this tool for every professional and business alike.

best OCR tool
best OCR tool

Key features of OCR Online

The features which make it stand out among its peers include:

High OCR Efficiency: The tool provides the most accurate OCR results. The output contains all the necessary details of your original image. The cutting-edge technology allows extracting text from blurry images as well.

Multi-format Support: The Tool can support images in PNG, JPG, GIF, and SVG formats. These images can be uploaded via browsing the storage device or drag & drop.

In-Built Translator:  The tool can translate your content into 4 different languages.  These languages are English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. It allows the tool to have a global reach, attracting local audiences.  

User-Friendly Interface: The interface is very simple. The idea behind the design is to allow both professionals and novices to use it alike.Mobile App available: The app is also available on mobiles. It can be downloaded from the play store. The mobile icon looks like this:

Unlimited Conversions: The tool provides you with unlimited conversions. There is no requirement for buying a premium account or subscriptions.  

Types of Conversions

 The OCR online is proficient in 3 types of conversions.

  • Handwriting to text online:  This is the most advanced conversion. It uses a feature extraction method based on artificial intelligence. 
  • Accurate image to text converter online: It is for type-written images. For such conversions, pattern recognition is used. 
  • Scan image online to text: A scanned image can be handwritten or typewritten. The choice of chosen technique depends upon the type of input.

The tool can extract text from these types of images with 100% accuracy. 

How does the OCR online tool work?

The OCR online tool uses a systematic approach for the image to text conversions. The process is guarded by advanced AI technologies enabling it to perform at optimal efficiency.

Image Extraction

The first step toward conversion is image extraction. It relates to identifying the areas for the required operation.

The tool divides your input into two basic segments: light and dark. The light segment represents the background of an image, while the light represents the text. This segregation makes way for other processes to follow.


Preprocessing involves all the techniques which an online OCR tool utilizes to prepare an image for accurate text extraction. The methods mostly involve improving the quality of your image.

Some of the most common techniques are:

Deskewing: The technique works on eliminating the alignment issues of an uploaded image.

Despecking: It is used for two fundamental functions. It removes the digital spots as well as makes the edges smooth.

Cleansing:  As evident from the name, the method is used to remove any boxes or lines present in your specimen.

Script Original: This AI-based technique allows the tool to identify the original language of your image. It also allows you to recognize a multi-lingual script.

These are the standard methods of preprocessing. If the image quality is too bad, the tool can also improve the overall resolution, dots per inch (dpi), and other factors of your image.

Text Recognition

Now here comes the real magic part. In text recognition, the tool uses AI to understand the text in coded machine language. The accuracy with which a computer understands your input is directly proportional to the output accuracy.

The OCR online uses two basic methods to recognize the text:

Pattern Matching: In this method, the tool uses an optical tool to scan the original image.  The scan gives the initial information. This information is compared with an already stored database of the tool. The commonality between both gives the output version.

The pattern can be extracted by comparing words or individual letters. The technique is most effective for extracting text from type-written images.  

Feature Extraction: This method is built on advanced AI algorithms. The tool uses its technology to directly extract features of the specimen. These features are directly translated into output. 

The feature can be identified as individual characters or complete words. The technique is most suited for hand-written texts.

These techniques allow OCR  online to convert both type-written and hand-written images with ease. Something that most online OCR tools fail to do.


Preprocessing is the stage where you get the result of all efforts. It converts the binary results into comprehendible human language.

The tools use NLP, natural language processing, to translate the coded patterns into human speech. The NLP is an AI-based technique, which is among the most common communication algorithms for facilitating computers and robots to understand and respond to human language,

Every OCR conversion is the result of systematic involvement of the above steps.  The developers have made sure to combine these advanced techniques to produce rapid results with great accuracy.

A Practical demonstration of OCR Online

So far, we have reviewed the introduction, key features, OCR types, and functionality of OCR Online. This part describes how can you use the tool to your advantage.

The conversion can be done by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Identify your desired input

 At first, you need to select an image for conversion. The image should be of the format that the tool supports. The tool supports JPG, PNG, SVG, and GIF Images.

Based on that we have opted for the following hand-written image.

Since handwritten drafts are more difficult to convert than type-written images, this gives us a chance to test the accuracy of our tool.

Step 2: Visit OCR online

In the 2nd step, you should visit the website of the tool.  For that you can either do a Google search or simply go to counzila vip search at

Step 3: Upload your Image

After that, you should upload your file to the tool. It can either be done by browsing through a storage device or by dragging the file to the desired window.

This is how the uploaded image appears:

Step 4: Click “Get Text”

After uploading, click on the “Get Text” option present right beneath your image. It initiates the conversion process.

The blue icon shows that the conversion of our image has started.

Step 5:  Retrieve your output

After a few seconds, the tool would show your resultant output. It appears below the picture in “Bold Black Font”. The output is always 100% accurate, extracting every single letter of your uploaded image.

To understand it, see the below result:

You can see that the whole content has been extracted, without losing a single letter. This shows the contextual accuracy of the tool.

Step 6: Save your Text

Now save the editable text on your device. For that use the copy option provided beneath the results.

In the above picture can see that option right at the bottom.

Advantages of OCR online

The tool can provide you following personal and professional advantages.

  1. It can provide fast data compilations
  2. It makes your data secure and easy to sort.
  3. The editable data is easy to configure and interpret.
  4. The data compilation is 100% accurate without losing any key details.
  5. It can save your productive time.
  6. For businesses, it can take the burden off your human resource.
  7. The data configuration is completely transparent. 
  8. No third-party intervention can see your converted banking account details, challan forms, personal data, and all other details of this nature.
  9.  It makes your data communication easier. The digital text is easy to share with relevant persons or departments.


This article presents the complete review of OCR Online. The tool has emerged as the best OCR tool for the year 2022.

The blog post has highlighted all the reasons which account for this ranking. It includes its key features, types of conversions, practical demonstration, and benefits.

We urge you to give it a read to know everything about the tool. And once you finished reading, use this tool to produce 100% accurate image-to-text conversions.


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