Super affiliate network Compensation plan review

Super affiliate network Compensation plan review

Super affiliate network Compensation plan review , How are you feeling when you have to compete with thousands of affiliate promote same super affiliate network product..that how it is feeling to newbies who going to get started with these type of info base products.Super affiliate network is hard copy of Elite marketing pro and MLSP( mylead system pro)

Big crowd little success,
Super affiliate network Compensation plan

Who Is The Owner: Misha Wilson (used to elite marketing pro affilate)
Is it Scam? : not that like Nigerian scam,,but it is video and information traning couse with high ticket upsells type of system that can drain your pocket if you do not have big budget to invest in tools and traffic.

Super affiliate network Compensation plan review

They got basic membership and VIp membership just like elite marketing pro ( owner:Tim Erway) they give 50-75% commission on products you own. and it not a down line building or mlm program that pays you from down line pass up and so on just affiliate program with high end sells and back office or one time offers when you going to buy products.


See complaints

Misha Wilsons products from Rifoff reports



Basic Product: $1 trail and pay 47 monthly or get $37 monthly rightway (anual pay$ 297 )

Vip level  and specialty products : Cost over $2000 high end products ( for same old info )


⭐⭐/5   Why: Same old over welming info you only pay to earn commsion and putting some one in trouble if they not willing to pay for traffic and tools)

To make money online at start all you have to do is join free affilate networks like clickbank,jvzoo,warriorplus,CJ or cpa networks,

Super affiliate network Compensation plan review

And get someone to do landing pages and funnels  (see our amaze page service)for you and  drive targeted traffic all day if you can. We build it you in mind for far less than others do.

Super affiliate network Compensation plan review, now you know why we said big crowd little success with this kind of comp plat for a affiliate network not worth to pay that much money out of your pocket at start,but these all programs are amazing if you have big budget to explore. The owners of these programs please do not take us wrong you all guys awesome but 1st we have to protect our internet marketing communities with out giving up at start so it better always start slow.

What like it what leave It? Super affiliate network Compensation plan review

Like: all the free bonuses lol
Leave: high end products not that because money because we have to protect newbies who giving up losing money at start.

#1 Recommendation,



  1. They even offer to offer commissions to internet users who will help them on offering their products. How does this take place? Well, they provide banners and text advertisements and attract users and web designers of related web sites to put them on their website. This kind of promo warranties that their items will concurrently be displayed to thousands, even millions of potential consumers.

    • hey Adelina Kaveny,
      Not sure what you try to comment about but Thank you for sharing your input. But if you referring to affiliate marketing here what we recommend for earn commission They provide you a partnership and co0mplet training without charging fortune from newbies we DO NOT RECOMMEND SUPER AFFILIATE NETWORK AS THEY CHARGE high ticket payments so that’s the main reason newbies quit.

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