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SEO briefly explained

SEO Search Engine Optimization, Setting your website up for success all begins at home, and before you work to develop off-site marketing campaigns, you need to first focus on optimizing every square inch of your website so that you are able to generate organic traffic from the major search engines.

Organic traffic is the super spirit of traffic, as it’s natural, targeted and organic – coming directly to your site after a user enters in relevant keyword phrases that the search engine has identified as being associated with your site.

Once your website is securely positioned within the search engines, you’ll be able to generate unstoppable traffic, absolutely free – and with no further effort required.

Optimizing your website is relatively simple but it does involve editing different areas of your HTML pages. To start, you need to include a title for every page of your site, each one including relevant keyword strings based on what your website is about.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

You want each page title to carry a different keyword phrase, so that you are able to rank for various phrases within the search engines.

Next, you will want to include a meta description that includes important information regarding your website. Meta descriptions provide a summary to those visiting your website from the search engines but also help spiders identify what your website is about.

You should also use the <h1> tag throughout your pages. H1 instructs search engine spiders to pay particular attention to text located within the tags, and also helps visitors identify important areas of your site.

Another very important element to SEO is including a site map on your website.  What a site map does is helps both visitors and search engine spiders navigate their way throughout your pages and categories, by outlining all of the different areas of your site.

You can create a sitemap very easily by using free services such as:


When it comes to developing your content so that you are optimizing your website for the search engines, you should pay attention to keyword proximity, prominence as well as the order of your content itself.

The prominence of your keyword is based on the first instance of where it appears within your content.  A keyword phrase that is used at the end of your content will be considered less relevant than a keyword phrase that appears in the first portion of your content or article.

This means that you need to ensure that you implement your primary keyword phrases into the first half of your content, so that it is given more weight when search engine spiders index your website.

Keyword proximity is also very important in terms of search engine rankings because it indicates to the search engines that these keywords are related to one another.

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SEO Search Engine Optimization,

SEO Search Engine Optimization

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