What is yoast notification

What is new yoast notification

Yoast notification Started in 2017

Yoast notification 2017, Did you ever see this  new Yoast notification?

new yoast notification- yoast notification 2017

It is a awesome new featured added by seo. Yoast legendary WordPress seo plugin every day improving to help wp bloggers and word press site masters. I was wondering all the time when i login to my word press site. Which installed Yoast seo plugin  show up this note above.

Yoast hard to find notification 2017

Actually 1st i did not know its come from Yaost. Because it only shows 2 seconds and then gone. We can not even click it. Do not know where even it come from. So i did few searches about this feature. But i could not find any. I started to investigate and i found my self. 1st i thought it come from another security plugin because i recently added a security plugin too.  So i was confused and lost then i went through all the plugin settings and dash board but could not find any. But once log off from my wp site and login to see what is this 2 second notification says,

it says ” you have a new issue concerning your seo! : oh then i realized may be i have security issue with my seo. I checked my security plugin, found nothing wrong with it. Everything up to date.

What is Next?

Next i checked Yoast seo dashboard and they have mortification. A regular notification, asking give them 5-star rating on word press and saying i have to connect google search console. Find crawl error with seo Yaost help.  Then i thought may be these are the notifications. They try to show me as seo issues.

Last few month i have been ignored those messages. Today i took action and set up google authentication for Yaost and i gave them 5-star rating. They are the best plugin when it comes to seo.

What is found..

i know all in one seo do great job too. I love it too. But it is a bit techie than SEO Yoast. I found if you are new yoast seo more user-friendly for newbies. Also both plugin have premium features and versions.Now you know where are those 2 second notifications  from. Answer is there are from seo Yoast.

Thanks god i found it .no i can sleep because i do not have any seo issue anymore.  🙂

Yoast notification 2017 Solved

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