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Mymedical ie review
Mymedical ie review review review, Friends from Ireland ask us to go through this business website and review it. So here we are.

Seems like brand-new website and business with not 100% function shopping carts, even though they added few offers the carts seems inactive, you can see that in the image below. Cart is totally not functional when we click the add to cart button it slip away to top of the website ( stamped date April 28th 2021) so we can guarantee this site will offer any products at the stamped date…

Mymedical ie shop review
Mymedical ie shop review

What Mymedical ie offer

There website listed 3 offers, dental treatments and health screens and random Christmas offers. That prove us the website and the company still in construction mode and there now any visitors coming to the site. And What ever Xmas offer mean that totally UN mature offer that not belongs to medical site to run year along.

Doctors who Actors?

Mymedical ie review doctors
Mymedical ie review doctors

We also found above image when we go deep the website very unrealistic images that not clear pictures seems like they are doctors but non-clear image and the one doctor name is mentioned as Dr. John Barton.

Do they have a logo?

Yes Mymedical ie review found a logo that added on the website and seems like it run on Shopify online shopping website software.

They also have a reception area image on website but not sure they have actual clinic office, if you found this website please comment below with their actual physical reception office,

Mymedical ie office
Mymedical ie office

Their website footer say this MyDental Clinic Cherrywood. ( npot mymedical) All prices displayed in EUR. Checkout in EUR. Designed by Empyre. Powered by Shopify.


Hope this quick walk through found helpful and what we recommend not t o use that website until they have legit address and functional shopping cart and about us pages and contact us pages and more information buy anything from that website.

Its very easy to create website and offer products Any scammer can build this type of website and collect money. We do not say mymedical ie is a scam but its not functional at the moment we did mymedical ie review..

if you have any question concerns please comment below.

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