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Introduction:How ads work

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media sites, with 1.28 billion customers. 802 million of customers are daily active users. A single user spend 18 minutes on Facebook per visit. Facebook helps to its users to communicate effectively and build networking.Facebook advertises its product and services with product images, and it is the powerhouse of display advertising. Placing ads on Facebook is the most targeted method of reaching your customers.
An individual Facebook ad includes its creative (ex: the image and text it uses), the specific audience it targets, and the bid for your ad.You can see Facebook ads on you home page, pages, events, and now it is also appears on your timeline.If you have ever noticed, you can find that ads are just relevant with your demographics, geographic area and from your interest. As same as you can also find that all the Facebook ads appears on you Facebook page will relevant with you area of interest.
You can see these ads on the right side of your Homepage, in News Feed and on Logout page of Facebook.In this guide I am going to tell you how you can target your market with Facebook ads in a very short of time. Many types of Facebook ads are available, and you can choose according to your market. Facebook advertisement includes app ads, domain ads, event ads, mobile app ads, page like ads, and page post ads.Continue with our next posts, you will learn how to advertise you Facebook ad campaign, how to design a page to get more and more traffic, and how to analyze your success report. It means an opportunity for you to learn everything you need to create killer ads on Facebook.(this video will help)

wish you success!How ads work start ad about your second income business and retain hopes! best of counzila.


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