How To Ask For The Sale-marketing formula

How To Ask For The Sale-marketing formula
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Great marketing formula to close more sales.

How To Ask For The Sale marketing formula: If you are in Marketing space you should go for it. Just ask for the sale. You really have to ask for the sale, or you should go out of business if you not ask. You have to express how much you excited about the product. Show them how it help them. Question is… How to sale that product you so excited, without being a sales person?

In marketing or sales you have to ask people like this, hey buy this great product..hey look in to this. also sometime show them guaranteed results,no risk, money back,refund or return stuff like that…there is a strategy show them all these elements with out being selzy.

Here is how..Direct marketing direct response ,marketing all about action as well as response. So to trigger action and response you must remove all the block that make prospect not taking action…

This have to cover all mental and emotional basis of the person you trying to help.All so we going to remove all the risk they going to face if they took action. As we human when it comes to spend real money we all feel fear that if our buying decision make us dump fool,,so we better know how to remove that fear or block.

next once you remove the fear and risk from them. Now you summarize all the benefits of the product and value of the offer you ask them to buy.and it may come out as a strong marketing message that you create before even you present risk removes process..That showing what they get allows customers to get a fast action and decide to love you product.Like Value,features,bonuses etc

Ask For The Sale

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Continue to Ask for the sale…

After you finish risk remove and show the value. Now you have to help your customer to transfer that value into a solution., that really help solve their problem. But we human still always feel risk or fear about investing money on a product or service even it help to solve our problem. On that point we have to add bonuses and much more benefits if they take action. always learn how to balance the value and risk they take.

Once you keep show value and benefits ,bonuses,savings,incentive  at one point they might say,,ok you right at least i should try this out,,so once you finish that it’s not done yet.  Now you give them specific direction,,mean by that you give them how to buy it from you.a order page,how to collect bonuses and so on.. bottom line show them step b step how to do it and ask them to do it as soon as possible to get bonuses etc.

Ask For The Sale

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