Good Life USA Compensation Plan Review

Founders & A.K.A Creators of GoodlifeUSA:

Mark Seyforth and Edward Dovner. They all MLM experts starts years ago. Old school type Founders from Florida,USA.

Model: Goodlife USA another MLM type Online business opportunity build around travel niche.

How To Get Started: You may apply affiliate membership for Goodlife USA start from $79. Also upgrade can done by their complte travel package program combine with mlm comp plan.

Looking Deep into Good Life USA Compensation Plan Review

Here are travel memberships pricing.

Silver affiliate membership = $129 and then $11.95 a month
Gold affiliate membership = $179 and then $39.95 a month
Platinum affiliate membership = $279 and then $59.95 a month

Typically in MLM we see compensation plans built around products. they’ve created a GoodlifeUSA compensation plan around
whatever products they were able to combine together.

Now Read on for a full review and goodlifeusa compensationplan with its MLM opportunity.

What are The Goodlife USA Products

They call it Wholesale discount club with selling different kind of travel world memberships. So members who own those travel memberships will benefits from extraordinary opportunities to save on travel.

The GoodlifeUSA Compensation Plan

Affiliates partners could earn commissions from selling Goodlife USA memberships to prospected customers.
They are also getting paid when they bring refrrals for GoodlifeUSA as their downlines.

Good Life USA Compensation Plan Review
Good Life USA Compensation Plan Review

You also Get Recruitment Commissions. Goodlife USA affiliates are get paid to refer new members using their own links through 03 more levels of unilevel comp Plan.

How many levels and how much of a commission is paid out is determined by how much they spend a month on their own travel membership, or the amount of travel memberships they’ve personally sold: Credits Good Life usa

Silver membership affiliates earn on one level of recruitment
Gold membership affiliates earn on two levels of recruitment
Platinum membership affiliates earn on three levels of recruitment

Silver and Gold membership affiliates can qualify for three levels of recruitment by selling and maintaining at least twenty active travel memberships.How much of a recruitment commission is paid out over these tiers is determined by how much a newly recruited affiliate spends on their membership.

Good Life USA Compensation Plan Review

Silver membership affiliates

earn $25 for recruiting another Silver affiliate
earn $75 for recruiting a Gold or Platinum affiliate
Gold membership affiliates.

earn $25 on levels 1 and 2 if a Silver affiliate is recruited
earn $75 on level 1 if a Gold affiliate is recruited and $25 on level 2
earn $75 on level 1 if a Platinum affiliate is recruited and $50 on level 2
Platinum membership affiliates (or an affiliate who has sold and maintained at least 20 active travel memberships)

earn $25 on levels 1 and 2 if a Silver affiliate is recruited
earn $75 on level 1 if a Gold affiliate is recruited and $25 on level 2
earn $75 on level 1 if a Platinum affiliate is recruited, $50 on level 2 and $25 on level 3
Goodlife USA also receive “Dream Dollars” when they and their downlines recruit new affiliates, which can be put towards purchasing travel services.

Travel Membership Commissions.

Retail and affiliate travel membership commissions in Goodlife USA are paid out both directly and residually via a 2×20 matrix compensation structure.

A 2×20 matrix places an affiliate at the top of a matrix, with two positions directly under them:


These initial two positions form the first level of the matrix, with the second level of the matrix generated by splitting each of the two positions into another two positions each.

A 2×20 matrix can have up to twenty levels, with subsequent levels of the matrix generated as required.

A complete 2×20 matrix houses 2,097,150 positions, with positions filled via affiliate recruitment.

In addition to being paid on CV generated by an affiliate’s own sale of travel memberships, they also receive 5% of the CV generated by recruited affiliates in their matrix.

Good Life USA Compensation Plan Review  cont…..

Commissions on travel memberships are paid monthly at a rate of 5% of CV generated on the first 15 levels of the matrix (including an affiliate’s own membership sales to retail customers), and 2% paid on levels 16 to 20.

Silver memberships generate 4 CV a month (5% = 20 cents per retail customer, 2% = 8 cents)
Gold memberships generate 20 CV a month (5% = $1 per retail customer, 2% = 40 cents)
Platinum memberships generate 30 CV a month (5% = $1.50 per retail customer, 2% = 60 cents).

Commission sharing,
During their first month, newly recruited Goodlife USA affiliates share commissions earned with the affiliate who recruited them.

the recruiting affiliate gets the first $60 a newly recruited affiliate generates in commissions
after $60 they earn 50% of the next $500 earned
after $560, commissions are split pro rata based on downline CV generation

If you are into make money using it as paryner or affilate you may choose what ever package you could afford with that ownership you
can make income.


Good Life USA Compensation Plan Review,end….

If you’re trying to save money, shelling out $143 to $918 a year sounds not good. And you or they only getting is access to third-party discounts.

Without 3rd party contracts Good Life Can not get that done they spend thousands of dollars on services Goodlife USA provide access to discounted Rates. And that’s bring top owners more Money, but for the average consumer Like all affiliates plus customers not getting superior savings I don’t think so..

Again Goodlife USA compensation plan, which allows a member to make back their money via affiliate recruitment.

Chain recruitment is entirely possible within Goodlife USA, with there being no qualifiers to ensure affiliates focus on retail membership sales.That’s just selling..

The whole commission sharing component of the compensation plan meanwhile seems a bit confused to us, That’s bring hell to new affiliates who do well out of commissions.

If you gonna new Goodlife USA affiliate Chanaces are losing $60, then receiving 50% of $500 and then losing most of any more C-Value they generate in their first month.Total Lost

It’s all about super affiliate who make most but a new affiliate is going to be able to compete with them and generated CV far less than the people who bring them to comp plan of goodlife usa That’s obvious.
Bad news is when they try to produce sales but not getting enough make company lost too.

It also like you pay me then i will pay you type business, with Goodlife USA affiliates who pay more for monthly Autoships and expecting access to more income is like dream to newbies.

In Network Marketing commsion plans always depend on sales performance, not how much they spend each month.So to stay active they have to pay that is lost.

Some of them can take advantage if splits and using up-line chain-recruitment scheme make it is easy. They just have to team up with up line and work as teams can bring more sales and split them on retail membership sales and that of recruited affiliates.

To bring long term success online, Better looking on sales and with out getting into pyramid scheme type compensation. If they get less sales whole networking base will collapse.

So if you are getting started and want learn how to play network marketing game you need some extra taring while generating passive income for that we always recommend building an email list is god mine for anyone who wants success online.

As you see top of this page to the right you see orange color optin box Signup there and start with a system that fit your budget..

Good Luck!

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