how to get 10000 page views per month?

10000 page views

You want 10000 page views ha?

Here are simple paid and free methods you can do everyday every week to get 10000 page views per month? » You Too Can Work From Home within a month.

  • write and publish 8 to 10 blog posts every week
  • post and share on social media at least 10 times per day
  • Have some money? buy Facebook ads make relevant article and create awesome this article,How to set up $0.01 CPC Facebook ad and find cheap way to advertise on fb.
  • Also use Native advertising campaign tweak great content you have in your site and test them on native advertising
  • optimize your content with long tail keywords  do your research and find them use them on your posts

10000 page views

  • Good in videos/ ok then post and publish YouTube videos like, 2 to 10 videos per month and add your site on description. make it relevant
  • have a email list or or use other people list send one great post as email news letter.Dont have list read this.15 Tested and Proven Ways to Build Your work from home email list.
  • sometime use paid  search ads on google ad words also bing ads  and run few ads.
  • use content providing service or sites to promote your content also call co-promotions
  • Search for new idea and do your home or research online and come up with new content and use them on your web site and publish and post do the same above lined up.

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    Short content with main points really helpful for me.

    • You are welcome Pawan Glad you found this valuable,, pls share with someone this need.. so you can earn love 🙂

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