Click Automation Campaigns AWeber

What are Click automations & How you should Benefit from it?

Click Automation Campaigns AWeber. Introducing Awebers’s New click automations Campaigns provide AWeber users to easily organized segmented lists and send Updates,promotions and content emails to their list-subscribers. All based on their clicks. (triggered link or link button)

A behavioral marketing technique for small business owners to deliver email content.The response rate and results will increase based on their behavior, interests and preferences. Means more Income and sales for Aweber email marketing customers.

If you can gain good open rates using smart subject-lines and get clicks by doing that you can prevent cluttered inbox. And only send emails with what your subscribers want that’s the main benefit of sending this kind of triggered emails (also call click automation).

Click Automation Campaigns AWeber

For example Take a small business owner who runs relationships and marriage plans blog.So their Income generated by selling wedding plan book or something. They might have other plans for newly web couples divorces couples and after marriage advises and so on.

Using new click automations, you can tag subscribers with “newly-wed” or “after wedding plans,” based on the links they click in a welcome email. You can then use these tagged segments to deliver one-time, targeted broadcast emails or even launch contextual automation series by using these custom tags.

Click Automation Campaigns AWeber

Click Automation Campaigns AWeber

This triggered email could successfully avoid distributing that irrelevant, divorce plans to your newly wed subscribers or followers, or a family and marriage life advises to singles who already show interest with your services who have plan to get married in future. You got what we mean.


Added using click automations, you can also give your list-subscribers opportunities to ask for additional information with one single click.

Plus are you Launching a new product or service? Send a link-button that says, “Click here to learn more about our new Relationship Strengthen Book.” Tag Your email followers and automatically send a new nurturing follow up emails to showcase the value of your new releases of new products or services and show them how to buy.

How to use click-automations?

There are many real life & imaginative case studies for automations that will add significant value to your business. Look and get idea from post Inbox Creature by Chris Vasquez’s virtual pet sequence! It’s nice.Click Automation Campaigns AWeber …

Here are 2 simple real life cases and how you may apply them to your own emails to increase sales or grow your business in future.

Usually most people may join your list after filling out a simple form on your Landing page. While this is a fasted way to attract a lot of subscribers, But the problem is always they not able to show what really want or need, after subscribe initially.

With introducing click-automations provide simple solution for this!

Triggered Clicks (automation), you can easily segment your subscribers in your first automated welcome email.

By segmenting and organizing your list based subscribers withing your first welcome email message, you can now newly make few more email follow up sequences that send to individual subscriber preferences. Isn’t That amazing? tell us on comments.

Here’s how it may look getting to our relationship plans blog example we show you before.

Your landing page headline to opt-in might be, “Sign up to receive a free Secrets for Stronger and longer Marriage life plan!”

When your new prospect receives their welcome email, use click automations to allow them to choose the category of relationship that may appeals to their current situation or relationship interest.

Add including those with two to three self-selection links,

“I’ m single looking for marriage life plans, and I prefer advises for male and female both.”
“I already married and looking for advises to stay successful married life!” or
“I’d prefer gay married advises and plans.”
When a subscriber clicks, apply a specific tag, which can then trigger the appropriate campaign and advice plan.

Now that you know your subscribers’ needs, you can send more targeted preferences based email follow ups to pitch relevant products, services and offers.

Not running a relationship business? You can adapt this to fit your product or services! Not only that you can invite your followers to choose their skill level if you offer paid product course materials, or select their specific interests if you sell physical items.

Why Aweber introducing this amazing new feature?

Because most of your email subscribers bombarded and distracted.

Between the blogs, vlogs, tweets, snaps, chats and podcasts, not to mention the hundreds of other emails hitting their emails, you have challenges with stand out from all these distractions daily.

You have to be really smart to send the right content to the right person, exactly when they need it.

Problem solved !

Now with Click Automation Campaigns AWeber. You can let AWeber’s Campaigns do the work for you, creating dynamic segments and automatically sending relevant content based on the links your subscribers click within their interest from start.


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