how to build a highticket sales funnel

how to build a highticket sales funnel

How to build a high ticket sales funnel system that make you profits and income.Get done for you sales funnel and products here
How to build a high ticket sales funnel and why you want to build a high ticket sales funnel?

it is unlikely someone will purchase a high ticket item or service from you straight off. New prospects don’t know you or trust or you do not even know they like what you offer.secondly they aren’t  bombarded with offers so they not know if they gonna get value.Provide real value is the key.

How to overcome this? and build trust.

Easiest strategy is build a sales process AKA funnel.This process start out like offering a free item ebook or value to the customer it also could be something like kindle book ,free video course,free one hour webinar or private master mind training hangouts.

After they Optin through sales funnel you may offer low-priced product.Now this is your turn to build trusted Relationship with those who subscribed.The key to this low-priced product is you need to over delivery value, absolutely outstanding value to them that could make more like and trust it will lead them to buy high-priced product which you will offer later time.

next you can set up a mid range item then you can charge slightly high-priced than the low-priced product you offered before.and you going to deliver even more value so then they start to interest on what you offer and become a fan of you.this mid range product can be a value driven video or home study course. You have to make sure it come with high production value on them and they start to think you deliver high value to them. Lastly you can add high ticket item this high ticket item can be a long in-depth home study course,master coaching program,one on one coaching using offline office or modern virtual meeting using Skype or webinar rooms,video conferencing you advice them,on their unique challenges and help them to over come their problems with great solutions. Also if go even deep you can offer consultancy with you involved with them their business and problem solving for them.this can be very highly paid indeed,Once you got your sales funnel in place.There drop off process too on every sales funnel people who sign up to get your free item will most like drop off soon and then low ticket item customers and then some of mid ticket item clients will drop,,but people who bought high ticket item from you going to be your fans for long, they will like and trust the clients who stay with you longer will like and trust you more, realize the value in your offerings,they going start think you are some one who know what you talking about and give good value for the money the paid for.and likely to pay more in the long run this is a brief introduction of sales funnels if you like to learn more and go through our sales funnel and invite people to join you and ask them to sign up to this offer.

Online Marketing Sales Funnels Capture Authentic Leads

If you are setting up your website for success, your efforts will be incomplete without the right digital marketing sales funnel in place. We are here to help you find the most effective and persuasive page elements that lead to conversion as fast as possible.

Build your website the right way with successful lead capturing landing pages.

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how to sell a high ticket product

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