affiliate marketing friend

Affiliate marketing Buddy

You my affiliate marketing friend might listen to this word “affiliate marketing” all the time if you ever think making money online. So simply affiliate marketing is partner with someones product and promote it and get commission for doing that. So it is easiest way to make money online. When you selling OPP (other peoples product) there so many advantages and disadvantages.

Affiliate marketing friend

Lets talk about disadvantages 1st,

first you only can have a percentage of what ever they offer  after you made a sale. And some time it is too competitive and if some one else promoting same product and if he or she better job than you he might get that sale. third thing you have no control over product you have to follow products owners rules and guide lines to stay as a affiliate.

OK my affiliate marketing friend lets talk about advantages,

1st less over head cost,you do not have any inventory issues,shipping or handing.you only have to worry about getting eye balls to the offer. And some product owners offer 100% commission and that is most lucrative way to earn affiliate income. even you get 85% to 50% commission as free affiliate that is good amount to have.

Some of my affiliate marketing friends just live in doing affiliate marketing stuff, if you see a product or offer that offer residual commission or recurring commission that make you passive income every month per sale as long as the customer you referred stay as a client of the product you promote.
My friend affiliate marketing is a win win situation for both product owner and you. Product owner get more customers and sales through you and you get direct income for promoting and selling their products  so it is win win.

How to grow on affiliate marketing ?

Always everything has a learning curve, with our proper knowledge you can get success in anything you do. So once you figure out how really make money with affiliate marketing and how it exactly works. you can scale it up profitable way.


Also Beginners Guide for affiliates will help you to understand how affiliate marketing get done.

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What is an affiliate marketing link,

When you join with your friends’ affiliate program or other company or product affiliate program, as a partner you will get promotional materials,,so one of main promotional material, is your name or user name coded cookie based url,,that’s call your affiliate marketing link. other than that most affiliate networks provide you with codes affiliate marketing banners widgets, codes, email swaps, articles, promotional messages,social media messages etc.

Simple  3 smart steps to get started affiliate marketing,

  1. Find a great product
  2. Make your own funnel
  3. promote and when people buy earn income.

Most average affiliate marketing dudes think when they got a partner with program and if they promote link they can easily make money. But that’s it works super affiliate folks or smart affiliates will create their own funnel to get that product out and create their brand and help other showing right product and compensate once they get that sale..so next we will explain what is funnel stay tune…

What is affiliate marketing funnel and how to make it better?

Marketing funnel can define various ways. but simply funnel make your unique stand out from others and build your brand. So funnel mean you create a web page or web site that relevant to your affiliate product you promote and then send traffic to your brand pages or sites, once people see your reviews or marketing message about that product they will decide to take action.

But with the competition, people start to make funnels so people might get so many offers that can help them what they want..so you have to follow up. When you have a funnel 1st smart affiliate what they do? they just give marketing message with benefits and brief introduction and they collect prospects information..( may be you my friend already gone through that kind of process, do you remember that,,or do you already getting emails from a someone who already did that)

So once you get prospects information such as email phone number and social meda connection you can now follow up with them. You can encourage them to see what you offer and if the time is not right you still can give them some value other related products and much more. that’s basically funnels do.


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