8 Ways to Use Facebook For Video Marketing Campaigns

Facebook Video Marketing Campaigns
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Facebook Video Marketing Campaigns: Video marketing is a great tool to spread your brand’s message in a super remarkable way. Companies have used this marketing strategy to elevate their business much more effectively. Using Facebook as part of your marketing tactics has been proven to increase engagement rates and bring in more leads.

The reason is quite simple. Facebook is the most used social media network worldwide. It has over 2.8 million active users, and about 100 million videos are watched every day, making this platform an ideal place to run a campaign.

However, if you’ve never started a video marketing promotion before, it could be challenging at the first take. Video marketing sounds daunting for most people. They’re used to seeing videos as entertainment sources rather than a complicated business tactic. For the most part, these people come into Facebook expecting exciting infotainment instead.

It’s a huge task for marketers to turn typical video content into something that people will love. But, don’t worry. It’s doable and doesn’t take rocket science to understand the tricks.

Facebook Video Marketing Campaigns For Brands

Decades ago, internet users saw Facebook as a sensational communication platform that can connect people worldwide. Today, Facebook Video Marketing Campaigns is a lot more than that. With continually updated features, this social channel has turned into a giant marketing tool.  

Facebook Video Marketing Campaigns has offered many business features such as audience targeting and post scheduling. Both are crucial to build the right market and maintain your business page. These features are vital for brands to create a video marketing campaign as they upload on the ideal platform.

There are other benefits you can reap with marketing on Facebook, including:

Generating Email Lists

Awebre email marketing system tool
Awebre email marketing system tool

Since Facebook has the highest social network users in the world, it’s enough to say that you’ve already landed on the perfect medium for promoting your brand. With the massive active users, you’ve big chances to reach out to millions of people. It increases the potential of getting a vast email list.

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Increasing Website Traffic

Did you know that you can drive traffic from Facebook Video Marketing Campaigns? It’s an absolute yes. While people enjoy Facebook videos, you might as well incorporate your campaign in those forms. Place your website link on your post to lead viewers to your page. Most of the time, potential customers will click on that link to learn more about you. From this point on, you’ve successfully fed two birds with one scone. 

8 Ways to Use Facebook For Video Marketing Campaign

1. Select Suitable Content

Facebook Video Marketing Campaigns, Video content is the most vital thing when it comes to gathering the audience. Without the right content, you’ve wasted your time fishing with the wrong bait. 

First, understand who your audience is and how your video marketing campaign connects with them personally. Check out whether your videos are what they need at the moment. Moreover, ensure your marketing objection because this part will define what kind of content you produce.

For example, if you aim to raise awareness about your brand, an explainer video is ideal for this goal. This video content includes a brand’s message perfectly and showcases the product without sounding too salesy. Or, you can incorporate testimonial videos to influence viewers’ decisions. 

There are other types of video content that you can implement. Choose whichever suits your marketing objectives to get the most of it.

2. Win the First Ten-seconds

Let’s begin with the fact that the average attention span of humans is only 8 seconds nowadays. This means marketers need a way to hook the audience’s attention fast. In this case, videos have topped many types of other content on the internet.

Videos let viewers understand the information quickly. The sounds and visuals help people interpret the same way as the producer intends to. 

However, crafting eye-opening video marketing campaigns takes a bit of hard work. Ensure the first ten-second is convincing enough to make your viewers stay watching until the video ends.   

You can start the video with a thought-provoking question to grow their curiosity. Inserting an exciting thumbnail can also increase their interest in a matter of time. Your opening must be something that cuts through the sea of content on Facebook. So that people can linger on your page.

3. Leverage Mobile Experience.

There are more than 4 billion video views on Facebook every day. 65% of them are viewed from mobile devices. This means people enjoy spending time on their phones a lot. 

What it means for marketers is that you need to optimize your video marketing campaign for mobile view. When your content is mobile-friendly, people won’t leave your page quickly as they find it convenient. 

Moreover, mobile-optimized videos can reach out better. Users can watch the campaign with their preferred orientation by merely tilting their phones. 

4. Keep Video Content Short

Facebook users are different from other social media platforms like YouTube. This social network is designed for those who need quick information screening as users can quickly scroll away. People don’t enter keywords to find your videos. Instead, they find you on their newsfeed.

It’s then crucial to consider your video length as people are seconds away from leaving your content. Make sure to keep your video marketing campaign short and concise. 

The reason is that Facebook isn’t a popular video hosting platform. It doesn’t keep your video content in a place where users can easily recognize it. By making your video short, you save people’s time and quickly deliver the message. Users can also retain the information better.

5. Include Clear Call-to-Action

call to action

The call-to-action is the heart of video marketing campaigns. It connects the brand with the audience and encourages them to embark on the entrepreneurial journey. It’s the first starting point of every purchase decision.

Inserting a clear call-to-action helps viewers understand what step they should do from the beginning. The call-to-action can be a persuasive text that links to your site. Or simply a statement that leaves the audience wonders.

For example, a statement like “visit this link to get discounts” can urge people to check out your page immediately. It influences viewers to plan on your desired action. You can include call-to-action in your video marketing campaign or place it on your Facebook post that accompanies the content.

6. Use Captions

Captions help viewers interpret what you meant from the video. Besides, it’s an excellent solution for those with hearing disabilities to enjoy the campaign without any difference. 

Another reason is that most viewers prefer watching videos with sound off. In fact, 85% of Facebook users opt this way as it’s more convenient to do. Besides, if your video marketing contains complex information, including closed caption can help the audience understand it.    

8. Analyze with Facebook Insights

how to target immigrant audience in facebook
Facebook ads insights

Last but not least, don’t forget to analyze your video marketing campaign with Facebook insights. This feature is one beneficial thing you can get from the platform. With the insights, you can measure how successful your campaign is.

You can analyze the average duration your videos are watched, engagement rates, and video view number from the Facebook Video Marketing Campaigns insights. From these metrics, you can conclude whether your video marketing campaign performs well or not.

You can decide your next campaign method by using the insights. This way, you can improve your marketing strategy from time to time. 


Facebook is a great medium to host your video marketing campaign. Many brands have successfully used this social platform to promote their business. If you’re new to the platform, it’s the right time to start running your campaign.

Facebook becomes a platform of choice with its million active users when it comes to conducting a promotion. Marketers don’t miss out on the bandwagon to get the most of this platform. 

There are many ways to top your marketing strategies. Hosting video and Facebook Video Marketing Campaigns has been a great move. Not only will you reach out to its massive users, but you also generate potential conversion from it.  

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