A marketing funnel is a concept through which a marketer can attract people’s attention by giving up something precious and then moving to guide them from the top of the funnel down.

The conversion path is full at the top of it at the bottom, which is why it’s a useful marketing metaphor. There are a lot of people at the end of the conversion path because there’s less resistance there.

Best Pick

The conversion path consists of many products that generally increase in cost and value when moving from the wide to the narrow section of the way. Overall, the repression is tight at the opposite end, because fewer people are willing to buy products with higher value and higher cost than those at the broad end who accept free data in exchange for your email access or contact details.

The main stages of making a marketing funnel process

The pricing profession is crucial, as people are usually not ready to buy immediately. There are major stages that anyone goes through in any marketing. With this marketing funnel training, you will go through some stages which will help you come up with a strategy.

These five critical stages of marketing funnel are used to make your business successful and profitable.


People in the market should find your blog. That is accomplished through paid advertising and marketing, testimonials and references, SEO and the type of marketing tips, both offline and online. You, in essence, fill the conversion path at the top.


Now that you’ve had some visits to your website, you need to capture the visitor’s attention to your website. You can do this by offering something of value free for registration in your email list. That can be a report, a bookmark, an e-book or a list of resources, or other information which solves a problem and answers question to your target audience.

Build a relationship

Your marketing funnel on the Internet has directed a large group of people into a small group that has joined your email list. Now start building your relationship with them, so they know how to trust you. Send videos, emails, articles, and blog posts regularly. Give them a lot of courage. Continue answering questions and solving problems.

Make a sale

In your email sequence, make an excellent low-cost offer for not buying. Later, after sending some additional emails that offer a lot of free value, you can make a more substantial offer. If your subscriber buys the smallest offer or larger offer, bid for it quickly, which is a more expensive option?

Re-Marketing Funnel

Divide subscribers into two lists, buyers and non-buyers. Get a conversion path for buyers, so they do not make the same offer they responded to unnecessarily. For non-buyers, continue to send free, valuable content to your email, as well as suggestions to buy products that have occurred for the first time.

Most people likes to know how Marketing funnel works. The key to successful online Marketing funnel is to continue to fill your conversion path at the top with traffic from free and paid sources. While you filter out your online sales function, you will have a steady flow of prospects and sales. Regardless of sales, here are some of the main reasons why you need marketing funnel online:

Why do you need marketing suppression?


Your marketing funnel is the perfect way to celebrate yourself, not anyone else! Internet marketing is about yourself, not your system or your company. A personal path identifies you with your name, picture, and record as a leader. That creates instant branding, and this is good!


Having a marketing funnel personality makes you look professional at first sight. Maybe you’re marketing for more than a year, you may have just started, but first impressions are essential. When they send someone to your website, if they like the design and the ease with which they make it, it gives the idea that you’re someone who is proud of his work and not an amateur.


It will help you get a conversion path in your time management! The strength of the funnel is that it works around the clock without rest. Once set up, you can work on other tasks like creating content and generating leads. Even if you enjoy the day with your family, the funnel is still working to earn income. Talk about a default helper!


Now that the conversion path never stops working, leads and sales continue to reach your inbox. That leads to 4 step your commissions. Your marketing funnel is configured to generate revenue automatically. You do not have to launch anything personally into your list. The emails and products you promote are designed to benefit you by solving the problems you face. Since you’re already working for you, commissions are earned throughout the day as long as you’re still generating new traffic through the funnel.

Happy buyer

When a potential customer moves through the funnel, if properly configured, it runs through a seamless shopping experience. They need what they offer, and you get what you want. Everyone is happy because they get what they need and want, they feel good about the purchase and feel no remorse on the part of the buyer after a few days or even hours.

After finding out why you need marketing funnel, it’s good to look at Sales Funnel and the difference between them.
A Sales Funnel maybe an amazing marketing device, especially for Internet marketers who do not usually have the chance to have contact with their customers and readers, as everything is done online. Sales Funnel is intended to place a potential customer through a series of steps designed to guide them through a conversion path so that, when they reach the end, they have no choice but to buy the offer.

There are many different ways to make Sales Funnel. The favorite tactic when it comes to Internet affiliate marketing is to establish your sales base around your answering machine which is a small mini-salesman.

Analysis of Sales Funnel

Let’s take a look at this graph for the analysis of Sales Funnel and various funnel components:


Marketing is the first step. Technically, you’re marketing through the funnel, but this is the initial contact where someone finds you online, either through an article in your article directory, your Facebook page, or any other social network or on your website. This first connection should identify the problem faced by the reader and convince them to click on the squeeze page or where they can capture their e-mail address. You can satisfy them by providing a solution to your problem that you created on this page, but the only way to get this solution is to click to their squeeze page.

Click on the page

The compression page is the second step. Route your traffic from this initial contact page from level one to your stress page. The compression page is where you move that the solution to the problem specified in step 1 is in the answering machine.

Automatic response

The automatic response, as we mentioned in the opening, is a miniaturized thumbnail. A set of pre-written emails that are automatically sent in a written order to each new subscriber in your list will help a lot.

The purpose of preparing an automatic response is threefold, to develop a relationship with your new subscriber so that the person becomes more familiar with you and your brand so that they will usually receive future emails and finally sell. You can set up your answering machine in the form of providing a solution to the subscriber in the context of this answering machine.

The automatic response can be configured as a training session, providing tips and tricks to overcome the problem while waiting for the complete and real solution: your product. This way, there is a healthy mix of free value and selling. This flood of sales for your product will usually work in the seventh email. If not, you can go to Step 4.


If your subscriber has not purchased your product after a long series of automatic replies from 7 to 10, it’s likely that they will not be convinced of another email around them. For this reason, I recommend that you send them a follow up as they offer their products at a special discounted price.


Hoorah because! The sale has been made. We hope your product is of high quality so that all deals will be worth it and you will not see a refund. If you’re tracking what email is associated with this purchase, you can place it in your existing folder of existing customers, since it’s useful to distinguish between customers who bought from subscribers who did not buy.

The background

Your background sales are where you make your money serious. This second product, generally at higher levels, will be offered to customers who have purchased their first product because, statistically, the person who previously bought their current customers is very likely to follow up in the future.

Ideally, you have a related back-end product that can be combined with the success of the first product and deliver higher value to your customers. Ideally, you can start promoting it among customers once you buy this first product and you still have your credit card.

That takes us to the next step, what is the difference between Sales Funnel and marketing funnel?
The traditional sales process involves face-to-face sales and marketing is sold through a system. There are also differences between marketing funne, Sales Funnel and click funnels . This article will give you a simple explanation of each type of conversion pathway, and you’ll also learn how to develop your sales and marketing function to make more money in your home business.

The primary difference is that the sales function he already has includes sales and making money, while the marketing function is all that leads to your sales process.

Marketing funnel There are three essential parts of your marketing funnel


There are a lot of traffic generation strategies. Once you start generating traffic, you’ll want to consider the quality of the traffic. You also want to adjust your conversion path continually to improve your conversions.


Once traffic appears and pays attention to what you offer, they become potential customers. You may be interested in leaving a voice message to your recorded message or entering an email list.

Follow up

Tracing always involves making a lot of phone calls and keeping track of the last time you forecast. However, this is an information age. These tracking tactics can be compared to riding a horse and buggy to reach your destination instead of flying by plane.

You can use a service like My Phone Room to make your follow-up calls, or you can use an answering machine to track by email automatically.

Sales Funnel

Marketing Funnel

Your sales funnel consists of your sales page and your additional sales.

If you set an excellent advertising author to write your sales letters, it can be relatively expensive. You can use the copy and scroll method. That means that you are designing your sales letters after other good sales pages, but do not steal! An excellent resource to help you improve your writing skills is the Ultimate Sales Letter.

More products are sold online today through video. That is no surprise because we have been selling the TV for years. That is the best tool in the market to help you set up your marketing funnel.

Good marketing is a combination of sales and marketing.

If you master sales and marketing, you can make money no matter what you sell. That will shift from the trust of trustworthy institutions to control their lives and their destiny using increased click funnels.


When doing market funnel, you think yourself as a tour guide that guides visitors to and through your website and directs them to where you want them to go then do what you want them to do. The owner of the site tries to tell you to click here or go and see an excellent product that enriches his life in one way or another. The first thing needed for the conversion path is the idea. Another thing that is required is the desired goal or the result, be it engraving, selling or something else. Then, learn how to get the desired final results from the idea. Find out what visitors want your visitors to do. What is the purpose of the site and the click funnels connected to it? Select the result of the conversion path and then design the way to conclude.