Why winners wake up early their day wake up

Why winners rise early?

Have you ever taken the time to notice the relationship between sleeping late and productivity? If you haven’t, a long line of remarkable people have, ranging from people like Bill Gates, to self help gurus like Anthony Robbins all the way to political leaders like Benjamin Franklin.
Ben Franklin even had a famous quote about waking up early leading to good health, wisdom and becoming rich. I agree. In fact, we’re tackling this aspect of self discipline first, because I’ve seen it have such a powerful effect on so many people’s lives. Including my own.I used to sleep as late as possible. I didn’t think this made me lazy, since I still did what I had to do once I woke up.
Once I adopted the suggestions you’re about to read, I saw I was being lazy without even knowing it. Waking up early totally transformed the way I looked at life and my ability to get things done.

Test it out and you are pretty much certainly going to agree.
What time should you wake up?
Easy. The earlier the better.
I would suggest 5 am. But if your work or school schedule somehow prevents this (and don’t make excuses to try to sleep later if you want to get the most out of our program) tag on another hour. Much past 7 am is unacceptable, unless you are working PM shifts in which case simply adjust the times appropriately.
Getting up well before your peers gives you a head start on your competition. Think about how valuable this could be.
It’s also a kick ass excuse killer. Not enough time in the day to exercise? There certainly is when you wake up at 5 AM.You can’t focus on building your own business because your kids are a distraction? Not when you wake up while they are still in dream land.
Waking up early is also an awesome place to start building your foundation of a self disciplined lifestyle. It helps build will power, gives you something to be proud of and starts your day off in a focused manner every working day. Which is most days.
Pick one day a week to sleep as long as you like. I prefer Sundays, a day where my work schedule is reduced and I spend time with family and friends. You can pick whatever day you like, as long as it’s a day you are off from work.
Sleep in on this day and enjoy it.
Congratulate yourself, because now you are up and ready when you should be for maximum success and resting when you should be to recharge your batteries. This is act of self discipline that will be the foundation of achieving your full potential.

Expect it to be very difficult at first. Within 21 days it becomes a habit and your subconscious mind joins you on your quest for self development.
When this happens, don’t be surprised if you never need an alarm clock again.

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