What’s google assistant could do-1 minute introduction

google assistant

Welcome to Google Home. Now you hands free with google assistant help. Also it is accurate and Fast.You coming from rainy weather say Ok Google Turn on the whole lights..what it will do is On the lights of your whole house,,is that would be easy for you? Hell ya.. 😉

Now you In party busy, you also want to dance..and don’t want to touch anything and go dance ” say google turn On the music  1  wow  it done..

Next is hard for you to find recipe or what good with that recipe to mix or change ok then Ask google assistant what is good with ………..  ha ha its upto you ask what you want she have a answer for you and it will be 98% accurate..

Now you want to teach your kid what is sound is like,,so then you say to make a sound say like vyalomeee or something it will say to you how it sound like  with actual sound…

Also ask Goodgle talk with him ask weather,or how stocks doing,,etc  got a answer for you  google assistant that smart…!

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One of your Spanish friend is coming to your house now you want to surprise him ,,so you ask google ..how to say welcome in Spanish  so it will say how to say that…No only that now you On the whole lights before now you ask him to Dim the light  aha it did now you can sign Birthday song with surprise……hehehhehe.

All this is Call GOOGLE HOME-As a result of Google assistant life will easy for you…

.Future is here..also you are not alone

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