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What is 2018 Finish Line Network?

Here how FLN start to finish you line network?

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some of you don’t know I’ve been in the online marketing room for a little while now but truth be told I kind of just dabbled in online marketing for several years and two summers ago I finally decided to commit myself to utilizing the information that I knew and start generating traffic imagine that you produce traffic you Construct transformed into marketings and you make money it’s it’s not that mythological like oh simply join a company and voila fund simply starts rolling in type deals so I started utilizing that had some explosive growth over the last pair times constructed out a huge team online and helping tons of people.

and that’s what I desire doing I adoration helping people every single day I live literally live inside my phone and Facebook messaging people every single day the the influence that we have inside our hands these days is just ridiculous and finish-line network is going to take that to the next grade because we’re blending all those tools mobile app the website the video education the text message marketing you name it we’re bringing it all into one house.

and that’s what’s really kind of cool about finishing line system and you’re gonna hear first-hand from Greg and Doug and some of the other commanders that are on this call here on is not merely why they choose to team up and join this finish line Network but really why they feel like this is a critical time to introduce an educational platform like this and it’s the tools that were offering inside of it you might even accept one of the good-looking people on this webinar Joel Kelman  (and kitty’s report from 2012 they doing this while- their names mention there)with online marketings Pro he’s constructed an awesome corporation with online marketings Pro in developing lead generation mobile app marketings funnels all that good material.

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so to have all that integrated directly in the finishing line Network and I’m not going to spoil all the goodies there but that I mean that alone was enough for me to say let me take a look at this and then I’ve been getting to know the owners Greg and Doug I’ve known them for several years online but to work with them firsthand has been a real treat and a real privilege so enough about me though I want to bring out Greg first and foremost Greg has he’s been around the online scene for a couple of years I would say maybe a few more years than that okay you are familiar 22 plus times this person has been a beast he actually started out bank director back in the 90 s and he got into MLM with the travel corporation and he speedily grew their number one marketer and he just started making more sales and leads than anyone else in the company so then the owners asked Greg to take over the project uh phanie and Greg said no way so he started his own highly successful produce generation company for the whole MLM and direct sales industry best Lea started it all off in 20 to 22 years later Greg is still into traffic Greg is mr.

Traffic when it comes down to it so Greg was the designer behind trafficking in human beings platform that changed the route every traffic company has sold traffic since 2011 CPC broker (no longerin biz) revolutionized retail traffic and helped throw the guys on the map ta followed traffic power followed and here we are with finish line networks so that’s a little backstory about Greg but I’ve got he’s just really down-to-earth cool dude this guy’s got a very impressive rap sheet but he’s just down-to-earth people so Greg come on out here let us know a bit about finish line Network and what your imagination was behind it and why now is the right time yeah Michael super agitated can you guys hear what i just said okay yep loud and clear awesome I necessitate thank you very much I think some of the times like it bring forward people announce me as father period means that I’ve been around before the internet you know basically generating results in that strange route you know like through the newspaper and things before online.

so thank you for actually stopping me in that still internet Hira so super super aroused supposed to be here and you know basically kind of like you’ve talked about you know the last you know nine ten years that is really been partnered with you are familiar Doug well and and converses to all be the two partners and streamline you know we’ve actually done a lot of super provoking material you are familiar I mean you know literally the whole way from starting on third-party marketing structures you know then we really just simply mean we constructed you know sales funnels and lead generation structures for teams inside system marketing corporations then you know we went on and we basically started to do lead generation and “youve been talking” a bit about you are familiar CBC broker that was killer because literally what we were able to do there is take you are familiar tradition traffic and direct it off to you know an image of website which is super cool but let’s bring it up you know to why that’s really important in this conversation and the finishing line Network conversation and you know we adoration the epithet finish line network is we are genuinely want to help everyone start at the finish line one of the things you’re gonna hear from Michael and you know the people in this crew we’re gonna really talk about why that is and basically you know we talked a little bit about how you know basically.

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we did lead generation pass well what we really just wanted to do here is we want to help people anyone who’s ever actually driven traffic before and you actually you know let’s just say pointed it in the oppor let’s say you expend a hundred bucks on traffic and you stirred less than a hundred bucks back and most of us who’ve won traffic we’ve suffered that process and what we would want to help people doing in there Michael and everyone is we were just trying to you know start having them think about anytime they’re winning traffic to an offer you’re really working on building your list you’re really running you know on creating a resource and basically what we want to do is we want to help people to guess a bit further and actually help them to monetize their traffic and you are familiar just because people lead traffic to an give and you know something doesn’t happen that’s great in a few weeks or two they kind of be forgotten that you know that asset could have appreciated over the month the two months you know the six months the year.

and I can just tell you from someone who’s done email marketing you are familiar for over 20 years that’s a huge massive part we want to help people understand that they can build an audience they are in a position build an email listing and they can monetize that and we’re gonna do something brand new that no one’s ever be done in order to record before and we’re gonna actually you are familiar through one of our just so great products is working day you know how do you go through a training course and get attested but we’re actually gonna have a traffic buyback process which you know again for people that you know aren’t that very well known monetizing traffic the buyback process through our email poppings on require component like as you perceive we’re exciting and you know and Michael people will see that as they get into their side a bit further but I want to just you know also break down two other things before it’s I know some people on the call here also super aroused to be working with this team of people with you are familiar with Joel and Kitty Kalman from OSP.

I mean we you know been working side by side with them even when we’re just doing traffic generation and actually appreciating people utilizing their extraordinary engineering we’re so excited to be Jae Bing with them and actually am access to their assassin contact manager and their app and I’m here to tell you guys you guys are going to get to experience that app even in this free says here such systems you’re out today completely free app totally free and you’re going to see firsthand how great information and communication technologies is it’s that duty super arousing and then you know also with Paul counts you know basically Paul is a super exciting factor of this because you know we’ve been focused in the direct sales.

and network marketing industry most people are familiar with that well when you start talking a monetization your start talking about you know turning your email index into dollars when a pulsing they are saying is it’s a semm saying the emails make money and we’re gonna basically be learning about that in this process but when “youre starting” thinking about you know both direct sales network marketing with great systems and affiliate marketing you’re bringing industries together that make it possible for you know all of us to attain more fund and so that Michael thank you very much back to you, yeah that’s that’s good what I adore and hearing your voice is so much passion and that’s what I’ve felt from you since I started working with you guys right now you guys have so much better ardour and I know that a lot of that comes from your experience in service industries you know what it takes to become successful in this industry you know the obstacles that it that people have to overcome to really achieve success I can extremely vividly still remember feeling oh I’ll never achieve these objectives but when I actually started utilizing the things that I was learning it actually wasn’t as hard as I kept telling myself it was gonna be so when you come with the level of ardour Gregg that you bring to the table that Doug brings the table Paul Joel the listing goes on here in the team anything is possible.

and that’s what we want to set out and then delivery that vitality over to other people in the company Doug is having some issues with his video so Wow I’m sorry to kill you all cuz I’m just recognizing how rude I was like I didn’t actually include you in that grip how special you know even though you kind of was exactly in the last few months you know Rula coming in here and helped me so much and I likewise craved only to actually include Holly and Devon also because I felt horrendous that you are familiar because again Holly’s help you guys are recognized Holly back in the training and then you’re also gonna insure the bones face a lot he’s gonna really help us with our product when it comes out email marketing and monetization massive thing and Chris Campbell I can’t leave him out because he’s actually been working with us for last few months he’s gonna bring some just incredible via sells I mean we have the daydream team I intend if you were gonna literally if I was gonna go around like two years ago and pick out daydream crew members these would have been the guys I would have been picking out something I knew all the tribes back then I entail I’m so happy Chris you’ve come to you I signify it’s really really exciting there’s one or two actually Michael thank our panelists because these people have already been so instrumental and you as well awesome yeah I utterly appreciate that and what I love about “its by” each one of us have our persona in each and every one of us delivers our own special aptitude and skills to the table but collectively I think we operate so well together that at the end of the day we only make the outcome and I remember for everyone on this webinar at the end of the day that’s what you should be focused on is putting well you know is in operation on what you know you need to take any steps on.

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and the recognitions will come the honors will come the success will come all the results will come if we all work together and that’s I intend it’s crazy actually Greg when I think about it how well each one of us on the leadership squad here are just falling into region and taking you are familiar the obligations and I don’t even acknowledge sometimes like who did what it’s just like stuff happened and it get done and here we are and we’re launching so I’m super agitated to be included in this expedition with you guys on here so I would like to actually hand it over to Paul because Paul’s been in the industry a long time and I’ll let him kind of make simply a real brief background to him but this person started out when he was like I think it was like 2 years old he started selling online okay no it was it was about eighth grade is when he started but Paul has been running online jobs for 19 times merely even though he only looks like he’s 22 years old he’s been running them for 19 times he’s actually a movie producer writer and the internationally recognized internet marketing expert teaching people that success counts it’s hard to be the name like counting so the success does count but he’s reached platinum marketer status at Clickbank and and we all know what Clickbank is and how large-scale Clickbank is and and as a premium dealer at jvzoo and of course we all know what jayvees it’s these these are not easy things to do to reach that status with Clickbank in jvzoo he’s actually sold over 10 billion dollars of digital info products and training courses he’s a master at maximizing long term profits and money from email indices we’re just gonna learn email marketing immediately from the Paul counts little inside secret there.

and he knows how to help people build sustainable online the enterprises and I’ve seen this as I’ve been monitoring and constructing the Facebook group man that a tutor is about to Paul they’re each down here in the chit-chat Paul over here about how cool and supporting and loyal and useful that “you think youre” Paul to not only your crew but you also have three kids as well and I know you’re an awesome father I’ve seen your Facebook positions and learning even your kids just come and sit in your lap and some of our gratifies so Paul take it away hey thank you thank you so much it is such an honor to be a part of this project it’s absolutely amazing and you know it got me so excited about this whole crew was that we’re able to merge really two industries in a big mode I mean you know there’s internet marketing we all know there’s network marketing and very little days as business opportunities come that we are able to coalesce them both together and get the best of both worlds so it’s yeah just it’s just super arousing to be a part of this and like you mentioned I’ve been in business for 19 times started when I was 14 and you know I’ve just been running an online business.

I know about marketing online I know about longevity and you know it’s part of the key here is we want to teach people how to have sustainable online firms so you know that’s the idea is not just a business that is here today gone tomorrow we’re likewise not all about only helping you with just this opportunity I mean we know with this opportunity you guys are going to excel you’re going to do really well but we want to set you up for long-term success that’s what the teams all about you heard it from Doug and Greg they’ve been in business for years you are familiar with it with Joel is familiar with it with Michael and Devon and Chris and  everyone else that we’re working together with we’ve all been in business for a very long time so this is all about sustainable the enterprises and I can tell you guys right now who here in the chit-chat window so wishes a sustainable online business let us know yes in there I know you guys don’t like this whole one-and-done thing.

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you guys are in the right smudge right and who wouldn’t we’ve got heck yes we got yes yes yes a lot of yeses we got yeah look at that blowing up guys so you guys right now are in the right spot I’m super provoked to be teaching you guys you know the email marketing side of things to also be sharing you know my knowledge throughout this and and and again I can’t tell you guys enough how excited I am to be a partner on this team to be working with with Joel Kelman with online sales Pro the tech that he brings the style that he knows how to build prospering communities and companies is second to none with Greg and Doug and the team that they’ve built and grouped together and their fervour for helping people and their their heart and with is collaborating with Michael the last few days it’s just been it’s just blowing my intellect just seeing the lane you’ve interacted on Facebook and have blown that group up I intend I can’t tell you guys enough what what an honor it is for me to be a partner on this and I’m stimulated to help people start at the finish line and take that victory lap with you guys so it’s gonna be fun awesome Paul again simply the amount of energy that you bring to the table here your experience your knowledge and what I’ve seen from you is actually taking action on the knowledge that you have and I know you teach that to your people and you’re following and there’s no way that you reach those levels with clickbank and jvzoo sitting on your hands or sitting on valued information.

and that’s that’s one of the biggest things I’m going to stress here is you hear from some of these people that we’re gonna bring on here in a second like Paul really pick up on the things that they’re saying and then used to go and taken any steps on it we’re gonna give you an action stair right at the end of this webinar so one of the things I’m gonna say right now is at the end this webinar we’re gonna tell you guys how to go and get your pre-registration relate this is a pre launch webinar commencement webinar so this is the first one so at the end of this webinar be sure to stay to the end because we’re gonna tell you exactly how who you need to contact who you need to content to get your pre-registration connection so that you guys can be one of the first in countries around the world to get your report set up and start spreading the word about finishing line network because if if you learn the marketing you need to go out and marketplace the product and when you have something this valuable in your hand with this many collective collaborative rockstar heads in one place we need to go out there and tell the world because there are so many people that are sitting there striving thinking that they’re all alone.

there’s nobody out there to assist them and when you put this many crew presidents in one crew collectively together there’s no reason why we shouldn’t dominate the online marketing world so you guys have first mover advantage that are on this webinar so stay tuned for that knowledge right there next first I want to bring out and looks like Doug is still got his camera off is I want to bring out Joel Kelman joel is is actually in my back garden I entail I could if I shed really hard I could probably throw a boulder for my house to his house and from my bureau to his office it’s kind of funny how close we are but Joel’s a animal boy he just whatever he does and sets his mind to he dominates and wins and he actually told me this small inside secret he’s really good at connecting the dots like you know like a like a puzzle just like from one to another recollect those little describes we used to do as kids yeah little dot number 1 two three and you terminated up with a pretty paint Joel my man here is the connector so what’s up Joel how “are you doin ” Michael thanks for having me wonderful intro and yes the connector is important.

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but so is a structure right so here you know what have I been doing the last 12 years I’ve been building a system the last five years been building technology to simplify duplication like it’s all about the user suffer it’s all about putting your business on this phone like that’s been my primary focus and when I haunt over this I do is understood that part of this process is making a lot of leads-in like I’ve personally made over 4 million leads using my funnels and in job opportunities room so I know what we do works but now it’s a matter of converting the ones that you didn’t convert so with finish line network and with this system and with the app now during pre-launch we have done something very special and added a special team finishing line network inside of our OSP app but after launch finishing line network will have its own custom-built app that our squad is running very hard on but we don’t want to give everything there is away in the pre-launch right so after launch.

we will have an app that will let you share duplicatable funnels get content to you on your telephone give you step-by-step guidance on what the hell is do next to win but most importantly prevent you engaged and plugged in while having fun this is a game of you need to have fun while you’re learning so we really want to stimulate its own experience great we were just trying to make it simple-minded but most importantly we were just trying to make it duplicatable okay so our focus is tech we are delivering the house and we are delivering pretty much its own app no one’s ever seen before for this corporation in this organization and I’m super pumped about it because I know what it can do I’ve seen it work over years and times and hour I’ve personally done I don’t know 60 70 billion dollars in online business okay so this is not anything brand-new but doing it with this type of surrounding with this much skill playing with us right playing instead of trying to do everything yourself we have aptitude on this call that that can contribute right.

so this app that we’re developing in the tech were bringing will make it super easy to share your link you’re gonna get a peek of it in the pre-launch system that you’ll all get access to after this and you’ll have a free OSP account you know to utilize the finish line system system inside of our app so we’re given a lot of taste on what we’re doing we were just trying to bring a lot of value but most importantly we want to teach you the right way to do this because there’s a lot of bad things out there there’s a lot of programs that you could buy there’s programs that you could just watch on YouTube university but none are like what we’re giving here because we want to focus on like look at this course Michael after four million results there are a lot more conducts I did not convert than what I did okay so the money is there in your listing we want to teach you and even do it for you inside the system when you learn the products we will be able to utilize the tech the emails the training the duplication.

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and the simplicity right from your mobile phone so the pre-launch app is great the authorities concerned will step by step you’ll be able to in the video you’ll interpret a bit about the app but step by step you will earn awardings and badges and and things that you could show people that you’re win and we will give you step by step direction to share your relates right from the app where other people kind of just get lost since they are log in and they don’t know what to do so we want to help you share your relate okay so we do obsess over duplication and outcomes but retaining it simple is going to be merriment I am super pumped-up this is a rockstar squad and I’m happy to do what we do best you know the automation the marketing the app and let everyone else stay in their Lane right if everyone stays in their Lane we can drive as fast as we want down the autobahn it’s when you start trying to do things that you don’t know how to do is where you know accidents happen so here with this crew I don’t see that happening so I’m pretty excited to see it go and see it lead and people thank you like this has been a project we’ve been working on for months like seven eight months of development and yes you don’t get it all in pre-launch but post launch the own finishing line net job app out there it’s gonna change your the enterprises.

and whatever you’re doing in a big route yeah utterly just go into that app here’s a little peek app app is truly a game changer in industry because other other companies have brought out apps but not in a specific purpose of helping you immediately develop your business and then adding that gamification process to reward people with cool badges and and level system in there that’s something that a lot of people need because I hear this time and time again in the person or persons that I talk to that say hey I want to fire my boss I’m gonna be my own boss I wanna establish my own fund I’m gonna do my own online marketing I dislike my job and then they don’t know what to do or they wake up and had not yet been direction and and what it comes down to is they’re looking for a boss still to tell them what the hell is do and when you have a mobile app that gives you clear instructions to say ok share this now text this now do this oh and if you do this you’ll get an extra 50 levels and having that gamification process inside an app is it feeds it goes into the inner subconsciou and the minds of populations and brings out the competitive edge in them and I know I’m competitive I’m already looking at saying how many how many points can I get in the coming week here so you guys try to keep up with me because I want to I want to have as many points as I can in that app and I want to see everyone else on the leaderboard as well Joel yeah yeah real quick what’s really really cool is the system in the app that the the finish line you know after we launching and you have your own app we will know in that app exactly where you are in your the enterprises.

and we will be able to tell you based on what other people are doing what the hell is did to be successful and steer you the right way so Paul being a user may have different action items than Michael because Michaels already done them well our structure will intuitively know what you should do to find success so there’s a lot of big tech advances that we’re making in this new app and I can’t wait to see who gets involved and provoked with that but that’s it I’m not going to give it all away I would share my screen and appearance you the whole app if I could but there’s a lot of talent in here here yeah well and what your people gonna find out is at the end of the webinar here when you find out how to get your pre-registration linking get into your report and verify the steps in there one of the first steps is gonna tell ya how to download the app wait I wasn’t supposed to tell everybody that the app was already available anyway I just let the cat out of the bag but that’s okay stay tuned for more details on that the next person I want to bring out is Chris Chris I’m gonna bring you out here and I only crave you to give me a quick little brief background don’t look at Joel’s screen right now he’s presenting the app brief background of where you’re coming from.

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why you’re aroused about finished pipeline network and what you plan to do you know from the present stage onward with finish line system sure awesome well thank you so much better for for having me out I’m provoked I’m fired up I’ve been in the industry for about 14 years now and had some some really really phenomenal success construct some some massive teams and I’ll tell you what I’m more excited now that I envision I’ve ever been in my 14 years in the industry because you know people are hungry for something good they’re they’re thirsty for something viable in our industry and there’s so much junk out there today that the industry is just right for a good solid program and and business example you know I established one one post on Facebook about this pre-launch simply just about an hour ago and I provided merely a few details about finishing line Network and my facebook simply only started perfectly blowing up you are familiar people are looking for exactly what we’ve got here that the products are invaluable something that that any and every business is already buying and now for the crutch of basically every business to be successful to now be a commissionable product it’s just insane you know it just builds appreciation so one of my strengths is constructing high converting marketings funnels and B s l’s and and that’s what I’m looking forward to delivering to the table here.

and and for those who get plugged in on job opportunities back I’ll be focused on on constructing out these these high converting sales pages and I’m to bring that and deliver bring my flairs in that area to the table here and when you know when I mentor people I like to break it down and and and actually make it simple-minded and because you know people over complicate the process of success and oftentimes success is found in simplicity and it’s destroyed in intricacy for success in an internet business I tell people comes down to two things an offer that converts and character targeted traffic if you’re not succeeding in your internet-based business it’s because one of those two elements are broken it’s that simple and so to deliver high converting marketings funnels to the table here that takes care of half of the success equation and that just leaves the traffic component for people and what’s great about finish line network is they’re gonna have direct access to some top-tier traffic here that’s exciting it’s like the perfect blizzard and it doesn’t get much better than this and and to take it a stair further you know these guys are gonna get even bigger and better tools and resources that greg touched on and that joel is entered into more detail on and these tools they’re they’re gonna basically catapult people to success so that said I’m I’m agitated I’m really excited for this launch I was in the industry for about nine years before I get burned out a bit and I pulled away and I drew out of the industry for almost five years and this is my comeback here so I’m fired up I’m refreshed and I’m telling you guys we are going to mash this everyone on this this webinar this meeting you are in the right place at the right time and I’m telling you guys timing thumps out talent every single day of the week so I hope you guys are excited you should be excited Michael I acknowledge so you having me out here everybody else I’m gonna turn that over to you yeah perfectly Chris you talked you touched on some really key points in what you’re talking about there between the traffic and the support and helping people get up and running there’s so many programs out there this out they have good value.

and good content but they leave it kind of hanging at the end and the the facts of the case that finishing line network is not only going to give us access to high quality traffic but also teach us what to do with that traffic and then even how to monetize that traffic that you’re generating on top of that it’s it’s it’s the whole you are familiar nine yards here in terms of what people genuinely need to understand when they’re making traffic online and I desire what you said about how that most people just over complicate the whole process I surely did that for a very long time in fact what I finally realized that there’s a very fine cable between procrastination and perfection and are we just trying to perfect something or we just procrastinate on what we know we should already start doing so I try to live by the 80/20 regulation where I get things about 80% perfect and then get those things moving and then have concerns about the other 20% afterward as I’m helping people get up and running and material so I’m agitated that we’re getting this ball rolling we are in pre-launch and with that being said there might be and everything’s not going to be perfect it might be flaws here.

and there but that’s that’s part of the things that we we do when we when we do the to get the first mover’s advantage when we’re one of the first to the ballgame things might not be completely greased and oiled exactly how there is a requirement to but we’re moving and that’s the key and there’s so many people that up there that are just still sitting waiting to move but we’re moving we’re launching we’re going we’re kicking this thing off and we’ve got some awesome people behind us maintaining us going now Doug is on Doug Whelan’s is on and I’m gonna deliver Doug out here Doug I’ve really get to know Doug here over the last couple weeks having a good time chit-chat it up with him another super down-to-earth cool person Doug’s been involved and he’s been involved in direct sales industry since the 80 s I can actually say that since the 80 s since 1989 “hes spent” 12 times in the telecom industry building leveraged sales crews before going full-time into internet marketing in 2004 that was after y2k so everything had calmed down by then but in 2004 he had gotten into internet marketing he cut his teeth into massive multi-level marketing corporations with huge successful drains in the personal development room which is actually where Doug met Greg and Chad and also in the Travel MLM as well so Doug partnered up with Greg and Chad in 2009 and the guys have built multiple systems together with marketing and lead generation platform and biz ops so Grug Greg Doug and Chad still own the successful MLM company Traffic Authority which you might be very familiar with so Doug why don’t you come out here and let us know what you’re doing with finishing line network and you’re still with Greg over here this this guy who is mr.

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Traffic oh we can’t hear you Doug we cannot hear you check your we can see you now he’s still lodged back in the 80 s trying to figure oh come along now let’s not be too harsh on Doug he’s come a long ways yeah yeah he’s he’s having issues there with the UH with the microphone I’m gonna um all right Doug we’re gonna come back to you go into your zoom audio establishes and merely experiment those really quick and we’ll having to come back to you Holly I want to hurl it over to you so go ahead and unmute yourself there Holly’s been on the online marketing industry for a while and Holly must certainly in the last I’ve seen the last couple times to really develop and grow out into quite the president in the person or persons that she has been helping in the online marketing world-wide and and I adore seeing that because I remember the transition that I ran when I started from just trying to induce my own money to actually be held a button to their people make money a splint and when I started injecting my vigour and my the best of my knowledge and my training and all that into other people.

and Holly has done that I’ve seen her label herself I’ve seen her grow a team I’ve seen her develop her own content and she’s really starting to emerge very strongly has been emerging for quite a while in the online marketing incident I’m really happy and proud to have her the members of the finishing line Network leadership team here and truly she’s gonna be doing some civilizes with us as well you’ll are of the view that in the Facebook group in the back office as well but Holly come on in here let us know why you’re with finishing line network you’re actually the only female here amongst all these people on this so welcome now though I visualize a lot of lady bosses out here oh yeah I recognize them they’re all up in the chit-chat let’s get some buzz for the women up here and the foremen right and thank you Michael honestly I truly be recognised that because it it has been quite a excursion and when I first started online it was all about me right it was all about saving myself ultimately it was about saving myself from “re going to have to” get on disability and I started my business in a infirmary bunk which is like my dream was if I could just make like three thousand dollars everything would be different right and it grew and developed in this industry utterly transformed my entire life I went yes I adoration that like I started all out into like I knew that I necessity my business to work for myself like more than I needed to breathe and I went on a passage where you know it was a rocky road and I’ve known you for years now and I know that you’ve seen for the beginning it took me a little bit and then ultimately it was getting the confidence and investing in myself and just like taking it all in like I was a mother at 37 dollars in my bank account had absolutely no suggestion how in countries around the world I was gonna pay my invoices right and I merely knew with everything in me that that this industry was what was gonna save myself and my family.

and since then I’ve been able to develop myself where like it’s helped their own families in a way not only monetarily but being able to be that leader in their own families where my children can now interpret a different way of life and have a whole new realm of possibilities in their world-wide like that’s why I’m passionate about this industry so when I met with Greg and Doug I left exclusively love you’re totally right Greg because it’s like passion about him right and I absolutely loved it I’ve been able to do very very well in this industry once I actually got it I got it and it was like I think this is pretty typical we stimulate things more complicated and get in our own course can anybody here ever relate to that have you ever done that and so ultimately it’s about what I observed the best direction to success online is to have the 3 s’s right and when you have these 3 s’s and I’m about to share with you guys like that’s when you know you’re in a good smudge and those 3 s’s are one a structure like you have got to be able to leveraging a structure because that’s how you leveraging your time all wealthy people know the influence and leveraging systems and having systems it’s something through the years that I’m going to be bringing to the table to automation and structure relationships through automation is something where I feel is my specialty is structure that communication and that brand and being able to really threw a disruption in the marketplace for people so I’m provoked to share with you guys into that system and having being a part of that structure the second one is simplicity right and it’s been said a pair hours here you need to be had like simple simple-minded easy being able to do where everybody can do it like that mom that wants to be able to stay home with their children or that person.

who wants to go nomadic and travel countries around the world it doesn’t matter where you’re at you need to have a duplicatable system that’s in place with powerhouses around you to be able to induce that happen right and the third largest thing is sustainability that was also brought up by one of the leaders on our crew like sustainability is everything if you’re going through launching and launching and launch and not having that consistency that’s that’s a problem right so when I’m looking at opportunities I want to make sure that the 3 s’s are there on top of that I want to see that there’s perfect like there’s passion that there’s soundnes and that there’s a way for people to win so I knew instantly like when Greg and Doug and I we’ve been talking for months now I don’t know maybe like six months I was off on the beach of Daytona off during winter because I don’t I don’t do cold so I’m off in the Caribbean or wherever I’m off to in the summers and I get really excited I stepped away from the industry just because a lot of people were looking at me to help throw their systems together threw their programs together and so I’ve really been on the backend genuinely helping and elevating leaders in our industry get all of their stuff together and succeed and when I saw this it was like I knew this isn’t missing that I knew that I had an opportunity that I was like all over fullhart I wholly want to jump into this because I learn the influence and the collaboration of the leaders here I see that their systems in place I see that there’s heart and ardour and a lane to be able to really help people so I’m all in here super aroused to be a part of the leadership here and I’m going to bring it back to you thank you perfectly Holly I acknowledge you bringing all that vigour.

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and that knowledge as well because that’s really what it comes down to I did the exact same thing with my crew and my people I try to give them automation and structures Joe loves to hear the word systems because that’s really what transforms you know it’s one thing to have fiscal liberty but a lot of times the rate that people pay for fiscal freedom is and ultimately hour is more valuable than the money so if you have all the money in countries around the world but have no time freedom what have you really achieved so is allowed to set structures in place like we’re introducing and we’ll be teaching in finishing line network to me that’s priceless is allowed to bring that to the masses because I know you and the other presidents on here we’ve been teaching this in our own crews that people ask me and they’re like well you know you’re grinding 16 hours per day I’m like no I’m hanging out with my spouse because I’ve got systems working for me and you are familiar my aim right now is to not really run any more than you are familiar with an hour to two hours a day that really feels like run because I do enjoy working too but outside of that it’s really simply helping people when you get into that mode and that mindset of your systems are.

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