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what are facebook ads

Concept of facebook ads

Facebook Ads are the best way to promote your business and think of second income hopes, sell your brand, and reach those clients you haven’t being able to reach yet. They are a lot more than just customized images displayed on different parts of the Facebook Homepage.Based on the user’s profile, Facebook would place the Ads that fit the best with the users’ interests. This means that if a user displays a huge interest in Sports in their profile, then Facebook will be displaying Sport Ads on the user’s Facebook Page.

Based on the information provided on the Users profile, the Ads will be displayed along the Users mobiles, Users Homepage right column, and even inside the users News Feed.Recent studies about Facebook Ads shows that 52% of Facebook users spends at least one hour a week logged in, that over 51% of people who like a brand are more likely to buy from it, and 51% of prospects would buy the brand after they became fans on their Facebook page.

There is no doubt then that Facebook Ads are a MUST when advertising; that is what we are talking about! It´s also a great vehicle to show your brand to over 1.1 billion active users that hold a Facebook account.

The Ads are structured to capture the audience’s attention, placing them in strategic areas of the Facebook Homepage, and setting them up to display between a specific number of new posts, guaranteeing that your ad will be part of the user Facebook experience
These Ads are placed on the profiles of a specific geographic area, or you could set them up to be placed for a specific number of days, or just a specific number of user clicks. They will be working for you recruiting the clients you are looking for.

 Kinds of Ads
There are different kinds of Ads that will ensure that your needs are being met. Some that invite you to download an app, to write a review, answer an essay, among others. But most of the Ads are built to build an audience, bring offers and invite the prospect to buy from you or from your website, use your product, and so forth.

Anatomy of facebook ads

The Four core parts of an Ad are: The Title, The body text, the image, and the “Action” button that will be automatically displayed depending on the type of ad you are building.
Facebook will help building the Ad, and they can assign the best image that fits within it in order to reach as many prospect clients as possible

However, the biggest feature is that Ads will be displayed to a population most likely to buy the product being advertised.The Title has to be designed in a way that invites people to read the body of the text, and the body text has to be good enough to catch the users’ attention and engaging enough to make the prospect click the ad to find out more about what its being advertised.

A notification will be sent to the advertiser every time a user clicks on the ad, but the most beneficial feature is that a notification will post on the Users Wall, letting all his or her friends know that he just clicked the ad, and inviting them to do the same.

Display area

As mentioned before, the Facebook Ad will be displayed on different areas of Facebook, this to give the advertiser the chance to have a lot more opportunities of a client clicking its Ad.
On the News Feed
On The Right side of the Newsfeed

how is it on Mobile?

On Mobiles
These areas are located near features the user typically navigates the most, such as the Facebook chat room. When navigating towards the chat list, which is located on the far right, the user gets in touch with the Ad strategically placed with the interest of his or her preference.

One of the questions that arose when using this amazing feature to promote your brand may be this: what kind of information will the prospect client share when he or she accesses the Ad box located on the areas mentioned before?
Because privacy it´s a very sensitive matter these days, the only information shared would be that the client is interested on the product he clicked on, willingness to share his or her likes, and authorization for a post sharing this new interaction. So… Should I engage on this modern, inexpensive, and very efficient way of advertise?

Mini introduction from facebook about what are facebook ads

To summarize, it does not matter what your field of expertise may be, Facebook Ads are a great opportunity for you to invest in – an Ad that will be directed to the market you are addressing and that will be working around the clock. It’s definitely a win-win.keep hopes in income!best of counzila.

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