Vip Search

vip search

Why VIP search?

Right now it’s trending search but when it comes to search engines like google ,yahoo, MSN there search all over the place sometime if you’re looking for real VIp level search then you need a specific tool it brings Google same search and give one place to search products, tools and many other thing that why we need VIP search.

Are there any VIP search engines?

Yes. , so we found DuckDuckGo as a VIP search engine, and we Counzila created a special VIP level search engine partner with google so no one will feel that there are not looking at google this is custom VIP search engine that build with 7 other platforms integrated so you never have to leave counzila VIP search and find what they’re looking for..all you have to do is book mark it on what ever browser you can bookmark as Yahoo book mark, internet edge bookmark Chrome, Safari etc or what ever the browser you use you can bookmark it.

What are those platforms integrated with Counzila VIp search box.

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