Top 5 AAA Rated online jobs

online jobs

Top 5 AAA Rated online jobs that any one can start work

Work from home or work online going viral.When it comes to work from home it not that hard if you have talent can be a skill you have on marketing,designing,training,creating talent etc.

Easiest way to work online is Taking surveys

but to make substantial income i have to say taking surveys are not a smart idea  but if any one wants extra cash tsome of them pay like pennies to 2 dollars per hour  so they way is create a acount with surway supply company and  create great profile and once you got approved  they will start to send you daily surveys base on your profile.

Here we list few legit and popular survey companies below,

Suggest any better survey sites in comments whcih we can add for future please just add the name not a link.

Be a online tutor

It is not new  but talented people who giving tutorials to students have being long.Also online tutorial now giving opportunity to parents to help kids not like traditional tuition methods because online tutorial better and fast accurate by certified  regulators.

There are few hundreds of subjects which you can do tutoring work.if some one have different language skills and also skilled in specific subject or filed this kind of online work will be perfect to start.

Maintain a your own Website

If you are some one who with writing skills,creative and adventurous  so you can use those skills be your own boss and make that work for you might think how am i make money on that.Do not forget their many people who looking for information if you qualified for a specific niche just write about that.then you can share them on social media sometime that post can go viral  that could be a gold mine for you not on that there many people looking for sell their services  so they have partnership programs or affiliate programs  you can join one of them and promote your site.once you made sale out of those link you make a good blogger if you got your site ranked  one 1st and second pages there automatically you will get thousands off organic free traffic into  your blog daily..some of them will share  some of them will your buyers  you can funnel them through your own funnel and build a list of people who read your news letter .you don’t have to write a different news letter just share your new posts through email and update your audience.some how marketers say  one subscrber will value more than thousands dollars to you over time.

Start selling

Why you try to selling job.Start from your house.take one day and go through your house garage,closet find items that you don’t use and take photos of them and list them on web sites like ebay,Digital market places like Jvzoo,craigslist,Kijiji,if you creative use modified used items as new product and list on Etsy,there is are groups on facebook you can list finding your are just search for swap shops.

When it comes to selling.its wide industry you can be a reseller or direct marketing seller online  there many companies offer commission base on-line reselling programs you can join and start make income instead 9 to 5 day job offline.

Be a service provider.

If you have computer skills like programming or web designing,web development  you have big opportunity to make that skills to make you money.without having a boss or employer study bit about providing those services to other people.people who need those skills will by you can join places like Udemi and offer courses or services people who need them.


  1. Jordan

    Hi counzila
    These survey sites are legit and i m using them a long time. I love them even they pay minimum but i m disabled and i have lots of time to do these surveys rather work other job..and yes these should AAA-rated jobs for people like us.. thanks for share

    • Hey Jo…
      Hope you don’t mind we saying Jo..;) just to add some humor. yes definitely we only share legit business opportunities who need them thanks for the great feedback and sharing your own experience with us.other users will thank you!

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