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How To Start Building Your List basics

building your list

Building Your List basics

Why Build a List?

Pretty soon into your internet marketing career you come across the saying that “the money is in the list.” It refers to the fact that perhaps THE single most important thing you can be doing while you build your online business is building an email mailing list of subscribers who are interested in whatever niche you are operating in.
When you start to think about it it’s easy to see why having a mailing list is so important…
It is often said that the single biggest cost in a business is acquiring new customers. Finding people to buy your products is DAMN hard, time consuming and can cost a lot of money. It makes little sense therefore to go to all that time, effort and expense, only to sell one thing to them and then never deal with them again.
If you have an email mailing list you can sell to those people again and again. By communicating with them on a regular basis you will over time build a relationship with your subscribers and as they come to know and trust you more it becomes easier to sell them higher ticket items.
If you’re selling a particular item which, let’s say, costs $500 it’s pretty difficult to sell it to somebody who doesn’t really know you. If this is the first time they have come across you they don’t know if you are trust worthy or whether your product is good or crap!

Now imagine that this person has been your subscriber for a couple of years and they’ve bought five or six lower priced items from you over that time. Because those items were lowly priced (let’s say in the region of $10-$20) then it was easier for them to make a punt on you because the financial risk just wasn’t that great. What those products showed them was that they could trust you and that the products you sell are of good quality.
When you then come to sell them that $500 product they will be much more likely to buy from you knowing that they like what you sell and that they can trust you.
If you are a newbie internet marketer get it into your head now that you MUST be building a mailing list. It’s the single most important thing in your online business and most internet marketers seem make their money this way…
A mailing list gives you money on tap. Once you have a list you can literally send out an email promoting a product and see an instant amount of sales. You can either sell your own products or promote products as an affiliate (ie. Other people’s products which you earn a commission from when you sell them).
Another thing about having a mailing list is that it gives you the ability to make money in your sleep. You often see that claim splashed about on hyped-up sales pages BUT having a mailing list really DOES give you the ability to make money whilst you are in the land of nod and dreaming about whatever you dream about …
Here’s why. When someone subscribers to your list you can set it up so that they are automatically sent a series of pre-written emails at pre-defined intervals. This could be a handful of emails sent over a period of a few weeks or it could be hundreds of emails sent over YEARS. There really is no limit.
Once an email is added to your autoresponder sequence it stays there forever. So you can add a sales email to your sequence once and then sell that product over and over again for years to come.
I think that’s enough reasons for building a list. let’s get on with it…A book  that you can search and buy here

we will bring more content about setting up auto responder squeeze pages and so on  hang around with us for new updates and be a fan of us to support 

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