solo ad dropshipping

solo ad dropshipping
solo ad dropshipping what is it? Advantages & Disadvantages

What is solo ad dropshipping?

Solo ad dropshipping mean you buy  X amount of clicks from another traffic provider,solo vendor or solo ad directory and then you send those X amount of clicks to another person who buy solo ad clicks from you.

Also this method similar to solo ad swaps but there is no free buy solo ads clicks for less and then sold them for more to someone else.

Advantages of solo ad dropshipping

  • you get high quality clicks
  • clicks are guranteed
  • you get high optin rates
  • more sales
  • build email list fast
  • responsive subecribers

Disadvntages fo solo dropshipping

  • your price per click mey higer than normal
  • most time no exta clicks
  • more risk more cost

Where you can buy solo ad clicks for less?

Udimi-solo ad dropshipping Udimi is a safe platform to buy solo ads.they track clicks and recommend great performers etc

If you like to buy high quality solo ad clicks and then sell it for even more here one place

Solo ads method  also call other  people list method,most online business owners use OPL method to build their list. Even there so many scam type list providers out there.there so many good solo ad vendor you can find and try this drop shipping solo method. It is only recommend if you want to make money selling traffic,already there venture partnerships with solo ad vendors .new person can tap into this solo ad market using this method. then he or she can build their initial list using drop shipping clicks,,while earn income, if they have small business opportunity them they can also run those solo clicks directly to this traffic and try or split test your landing pages or business idea


Even this drop shipping method new and in beta we still recommend good ald solo ad swos with ad swaps partners.

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  1. Charlie

    I think that Udimi is the best place to buy solo ads. High conversion rates. I bought 300 clicks and got 54% opt-in and 5% of sales.

  2. Cheryl

    Very helpful tips. Udimi is a great place to buy and sell solo ads. Great affiliate program and high quality clicks with high conversion rates.

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