Share 10 power targets which may someone do not know but help them


10 targets

  1. Read as much as you can
  2. Model or try to do what successful people or leaders do but don’t copy be creative.
  3. Don’t stick into myths  just open to world and  find which believes work and try to find answers for those believes.
  4. Find stuff that work for your content,media,posts, that you make like to will bring you positive mind. and will make you learn more
  5. Everyday learning curve is must.It doesn’t make any sense once you succeed stop do not stop learning  get upgrade  all the time every time as much as you can.
  6. Make sure you hang around with right people who will lead you stay positive and learn more.
  7. If you have time and chance to attend webinar or live events don’t miss them attend all super events and stay live with real people who you can find what works now.
  8. You may have to come out of box or old well see open and share open  don’t hide and shoot be open to see what out there and get something different.
  9. Try to connect with top marketers in you industry  not only that try to get access to top income earners  or producers and follow them.sign up with their email news letters or something that they offer for those skills.
  10. If you work hard to success still take 15 minute break and stay do nothing but rest.

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