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Sarah Louise says do not Google

Below video Sarah Louise says do not Google 😂😂😂😂

Sarah Louise says do not Google in social stream video.. but why

Sarah Louise lie on facebook video

Why Sarah Louise Scared of Google?

One of social MLM Matrix and crypto promoting person who claim not to google in social media and influnce people not to do dueldelegience research have follow what she say..

Recently program Sarah Louise promoted call Beurax forex MLM went out of doors and many other programs she used to promoted has no value before, including easy 1up and claiming 1000 dollars income for her pocket. But now she understands what she done and claims to do things right way and try to join companies that provide real product and value. That’s what people paid for..

but Sarah Louise doing wrong is her base on social media but not to Google and research why not?

Sarah Louise says do not Google

Why when people do their own research is that wrong?

do they have to buy into another scam???

we need answers..

PGI Global and Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise

2021 PGI global ceo reach allow Sarah Louise to show up there meeting and Vargas,, and in a hotel she started to promote it with live streams to get people to this scheme…

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