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Relationships:Having a common purpose



Having a common purpose for the relationship or in life is a great way to maintain the right relationship. Knowing the common purpose that both he /her share will help to make sure if this is the right relationship. Therefore, one should consider the common purpose that both of them share before getting into a relationship.

Importance of Having a Common Purpose

You know what your relationship will lead to. By having a common purpose, you will know your directions in the relationship or in life. It is better that both partners are ready for a marriage, rather than only one is being passionate.

You can communicate with each other effectively. You know what your partner asks for, you know his/her needs, and perhaps, you can figure out how he/she thinks. With a common purpose, you will also be able to participate with your partner’s daily routines. This lessens misunderstandings and suspicious towards each other.

It is easier to express feelings to each other. You will understand his/her conditions well, what he/she is facing and going through currently. Thus, he/she will have trust in you and express their emotions and thoughts to you because you understand and care. You will also feel better and let down your guard to tell him/her your feelings when you are certain that he/her understands your situations.

You are able to work towards solutions together. If either partners have different thoughts about the relationship or everything they are going through, it will be hard to get things right. With a common purpose, you will know how to react to a problem faced and solve it. You will also be able to respect your partner’s way of fixing issues, as you know both of you have a common thinking.

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