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Are Offline Businesses using Facebook Ads?

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Are Offline Businesses using Facebook Ads?

There are a variety of great Online,Offline Businesses success stories on Facebook, and not all of them are online businesses. The businesses listed below have used Facebook advertising to leverage and attain great success with the products and services they offer.From local business with specialized niches, to franchises of big brands, to global corporations, these organizations have used Facebook and Facebook advertising to direct viewers to their sites, increase memberships, sell products and services, in inspire involvement.And they have done it using the same tools and strategies that are in this guide, from linking and relevance to creating audiences and promoting affiliates

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Located in Tempe, Arizona, State Bicycle Company customizes bicycles. They work on fixed gear bicycles from top to bottom and offer a variety of models and styles. They cater to fixed gear bicycle enthusiasts, and they have an active Facebook page that not only contains advertisements for their products, but also events and races.

Hyundai is, of course, a car company that manufacturers everything from economy cars to sedans to luxury cars, along with SUV’s and crossovers. They use their Facebook presence to advertise as offline businesses, to connect with their owners, and to keep the public abreast of new models and developments.

Loreal makes effective use of their Facebook advertising, interspersing straight ads with useful beauty tips as well. This well-known beauty company keeps its viewers and customers engaged through articles, tips, videos, and other information, all designed to advertise their products and point the viewer toward making a purchase.

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