How to Never Run out of Things to Say?

How to never run out of ideas

Do you ever find yourself in a situation when you cannot find words to continue a conversation and often to pause and reflect to figure out what to say? Well, we all have been there when the brain freezes for a moment, and all that we are left with is an awkward silence. However, don’t worry, here I have come with new ideas that can help stay in the flow of a conversation, build a good rapport and be friendly!

If you want to never run out of things to talk, I have a strategy here, and the acronym used for it is “FORD.” The first that you can talk about is Family. We all are related to some family and talking about them in a conversation that can help build a strong connection. You can simply start up with talking about your family that will also help the other person open up to talk about their family; like “you remind me of my sister/brother who is always energetic/happy/and so on OR looks like you come from a big family” these statements further connects the conversations. The second thing you can talk about Occupation. It’s very common that people talk about occupation and it also helps to get to know a person better. Like you can ask “what do you for a living?” and then add a comment before asking the next question.

The next thing you can talk about is Recreation, everybody has some hobby or recreational activity that they like to do, or even better, something that people are passionate about. You can simply ask “what do you like to do?” and then after adding a comment, you can ask a related question about it. This not only helps a person to open up, in fact, they feel valued and listened to. The last thing that we have on the list that you can talk about is Dream. Everybody has a dream that they are pursuing or wish they could pursue. This is the most exciting topic one can talk about because people don’t get to pursue their dream/passion due to societal and other reasons. This topic will also make people fond of you as you care to talk about their dream—something that is often snubbed by people.

Sometimes, in certain situations, you are the leader and to keep the conversation in flow, you have to do the most talking. So if you want to be the leader of the conversation, then advice about leadership that has been given above will make you a great conversationalist!

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