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What is Netbizx io review

Netbizx io review doing right now what is Netbizx look like they can not find a cheap domain so look like using characters like Z and X on their brand name look unmature to me 1st impression on site as long as i see says big NO NO too here. there 1st welcome like….

If you’re here, chances are you are looking to make extra income.

Netbizx io review, They ask people if they say no to extra money right and says come on why not pay to play right haha if you are newbe and looking for online business and foundthis article they thank us later for saving your big time and money long term

they claim their beloved system that create income by side. They added different MLM type levels which people pay onetime. what its look like Cash gifting peer to peer ponzi program.

Netbizx io review cont…

looking to making your first $100 online or if you are ready to make your first $10,000, our system will teach you all the fundamentals.

say what.. with peer to peer gift schemes..big NO from us dude…

They all do is find some information that people who want to make money online and put them all together in power points or videos and they package it and sell peer to peer. all those training program information you can find by google or YouTube all you have to do is be specific and search. compensation plan

Their plan is to get people from bottom feeder type matrix pay like 25 to 50 dollars to get bottom level and can access to higher level as they pay to play to who ever they join with. what the member has to do is send money directly to the admin or sponsor which they by pass all regulated merchant system and make it less under the table type deal so they can stay hide from FTC. and also they allow pay through crypto currency that make refunds almost impossible to that newbie. Netbizx io review nope do not do that to themm…

who is the owner

owner or founder information is hard to find.. That’s the main thing those website owners do. to stay away from FTC trouble. In their about us section claim very generic about us content and claim their are in the business for while and have years of experience doing this kind of shady stuff.. haha big no no for every one who read this review

Their product levels – paid ( pay to play concept)

They have Cash gifting plans from $25 to wopping 2000 just for information level plans.. here are few.. Netbizx io review level overview

That’s call Entry level plan just 25 bucks that’s just for get into people pocket with out saying them this is real.. people just spend 25 bucks but those marketers who promote it heavy is gold mine for them as they make so many of them. comp plan Review

This call basic level plan with full of almost out dated information cost them whopping 100 bucks that it once you send it directly to the member there no way to get refund as they are onetime and crypto only if you able to pay via pay-pal you can claim it as dispute if you don’t like it. the problem is you not going to understand whether this is working for you or not until pass the trial period also call refund period so you may lost money there long term but as we said before who going to win is heavy hitter who promote this like crazy they make whopping cash money 25 to 1000 even 2k per referral if they catch them with strategy so we do not recommend this program.

here anotgher plan cost you hard earn 1000 bucks to get information which may expired by the time you apply. 🙁 ponzi

Their BLOg??????? Empty blog

Do you know about their blog it is empty that says they just want to make money getting people into cash gifting scheme no content what so ever.

Final verdict – Conclusion


why it is instant made for cash gifting if you looking for bring income over time to your house hold if you want leave your job, financial freedom then this is not good for you.. if you want to put people in hard time then get money from other peol directly like cash gifts. and sometime FTC not allow these type of programs thats why they keep the price under 2000 bucks instant and way to pay like get low refunds that send to peopls directly which is break the real buying process which is legal so this is not recommned by us.

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