Make sure your AD convert consider 5 main tips

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  1. Trust: trust is everything before even you create ad or try to pitch make sure you build trust and rapport 1st   they have to believe what you say is resonate to them
  2. Done be afraid to ask  worst thing can happen is  they might say straight No or may say not interested.  so Ask them!!
  3. Now online marketing and make money,work from home,or home base business or be your own boss these concepts bombard people with lots of information so this can lead them to overwhelmed and confused mind don’t take any decision or don’t look what you want to make sure you settle them down 1st
  4. people can not see the big picture inside your advertisement or opportunity you lay in front them  so you have to give some time and follow-up with them and show some proof and real picture what they going to get after
  5. sometime things not work because you not target them or the people you reach they might do not want what you offer .even it is the best second income or extra income or full-time income opportunity  they might don’t want or they don’t want to stay on their comfort Zone

so once you fix all above 5 reasons  you will feel nothing wrong with your ad..


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