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Income shift pro review compensation plan

Income Shift Pro is a paid and expensive marketing system just created for sell MyEcon [myeconnet]inside the program..

Income shift pro review: the problem.

1st we not recommend this system waste of money monthly. Why you pay monthly more than 20 bucks to have a system that lead to another mlm company that charge you again monthly.. that call Income shit pro…why  we call that it design to get people money to the person who created Income shift/sht pro system someone call Bill or Gill who cares…

if we looking for a legit system that really helps people to make money online should be FREE  and then help them build their down-line using the business they ingrate to the system will make them enough money,

this is 100% show how greedy those gurus are who create a system to sell other programs.

but we found good people there providing free systems that people can use to make money. i will let you know at the end  try that.. and also look for what they promote under those systems some sell hosting some sell nutrition programs whats ever  we want to help new people who looking into those systems if you read this i want to help you   by the way sorry about the English here if you offend but you got the point this is just a system that you should not buy into. i m kinds tech guys who just focus on finding those systems and help people to get what they want.

cannot use it for anything else it’s THEY JUST WANT ONLY for my econ NET SELLS.

The monthly price for use my income shift pro: $25 per month… what? and the bad thing is till you find 5 people you do not cover your monthly cost..some newbies try online for a month to get their 1 and 2nd sale so these guys make lots of money out of this situation.

Whi Behind this?

We found someone calls Bill.  We also found he did the same kind of system for MCA. We can not find legit owner right now but we will update as we do more research about this.. but its not look like scam but money wasting system for newbies if they pay monthly. and your credit card info in online in these kinds of owners have your private info.

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My income shift pro sells my my econ here is my econ comp plan,

The typical and most common pay  ponzi type structure designs are the stats, binary, and unilevel matrix, compensation plan structure. MyEcon works off of the un-ilevel MLM pay comp plan.


Don’t by into My income shift pro,if you are a newbie,,its not scam but a waste of money. All you need is a system that can use pay at least once, not charging monthly.

and you need two tools only that’s all. Then drive traffic and build your list audience and brand. then convert your followers into your teammates.

if you want those 2 tools and a system

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