How to increase email deliverance.

How to increase email deliverance, How would you imagine it feels like to go through all of the hard work of searching for accounts, generating active leads, and writing a great sequence just to find out that you ended up in the prospect’s SPAM folder?

Even if you have the best subject lines, superior content, open rates, or CTA’s it won’t matter if your emails aren’t being opened and read.

If you do not focus on your email deliverability, your emails may end up in your prospect’s SPAM folder.

What is email deliverability?

Email deliverability is when an email gets delivered into the inbox and not the prospect’s SPAM folder.

Here are some tips: How to increase email deliverance

1. Always watch what you send in an email.

Do you like to add a bunch of punctuation marks to the subject line? ????!!!!!!!>>OPEN RATES:>????!!!!!!

The odds are not very high for having your emails opened with all of those marks. Most people will delete those emails as soon as they see them. They do not open and read them first. It doesn’t pay to have a creative subject line. It is better to be more practical when coming up with a catchy subject line.

2. Avoid sending emails in bulk.

You will look like a scammer if you send out emails in bulk. Set a timed schedule to send your emails to increase the deliverability extremely. People will delete your emails even if they are delivered to the inbox rather than the SPAM folder if you choose to operate this way.

3. Have an easy opt-out link.

It is mandatory to have an opt-out link to unsubscribe from future emails. This is a law and must be followed due to the CANSPAM Act, which protects people from unwanted commercial emails. CANSPAM stands for Controlling the Assault Non-Soliciting Pornography And Marketing Act.

4. Be aware of SPAM traps.

Be careful when purchasing leads from unknown sources. They could be full of SPAM traps that will be a waste of money. It’s best to generate your leads organically to ensure the validity of the prospects. It will also save money from having to purchase your leads.

5. Be sure your IP address isn’t blacklisted.

There are tools if needed to check the status of your IP address. The chances are high that if you are not reaching your prospect’s inbox that your IP address could be blacklisted.

6. Do not resend emails to bounced addresses.

Sending emails to bounced addresses will hurt your domain’s reputation. Try to avoid resending these emails until they have a new or updated email address.

7. Add a custom domain name.

SPF which stands for Sender Policy Framework will allow you to send the specific IP address that will be sending the emails on your behalf.

DKIM which stands for Domain Keys Identified Mail will allow the sender to authenticate the email by including a digital signature in the email header.

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