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How To hide Your Amazon S3 long Link

hide Your Amazon S3 long Link

Hide Your Amazon S3 long Link,using virtual hosting.

Usually, virtual web hosting is same like hosting more web site links using one big server.So doing that you can differentiate sites by using different names or sub names like sub domains so that web request show different path that you point to. Always you get Amazon S3 link specify with your bucket name( foler name) and following with file name.But instead with out doing all that, you able to use Amazon S3 virtual hosting to address a bucket in a REST using api call by using the HTTP Host link. For real, Amazon S3 interprets Host as meaning that most buckets are automatically limited requests accessible example at Including more, by naming your bucket after your registered domain name and by making that name a DNS C name alias for Amazon S3, you can customize as you wish the URL of your Amazon S3 info, for example,

Not only that make url attractive creating  end file name as you wish, another benefit of virtual hosting is you also could publish to the “root directory” of your bucket’s virtual server. This is important as seen many existing applications search for files in this standard alone location. For example like your,favicon, robotstxt file and domain.xml are all expected to be found at that root.


Now  important Steps to Amazon s3 users who want to,

Hide Your Amazon S3 long Link

1.You need Amazon s3 ac if you don’t have one open one for free its free. and also you must need your own domain i m with these web hosts and they the best web hosting platforms with great customer service.because hosting customer service more important when it comes get help to set up some links like  C name alias  Amazon s3 charge lot for support it is a completely up  to you get paid great support from Amazon s3 they have packages for support you can see when you go through sign up  process to open account with Amazon s3.

2.Once you finish process with you will see icon says  s3  so you click it and see creating new bucket  aka can manage Amazon s3 bucket from your Amazon s3 back office.but there is software call bucket explore is one of solution if you want to manage folders from your computer it just work like can connect it using keys that find at Amazon s3 back office.

Now Steps how to direct a sub domain to Amazon s3 folder bucket.

1.Choose a right domain name you want to point to Amazon s3 we do not recommend to forward whole domain just sub domain works great because s3 is not a web server it is part of Amazon web services only.

example : create sub domain like

2 Now create a Amazon s3 bucket aka folder using same sub domain you just created with your own hosting  it will be i page or hostgator if you choose above two hosting.

so your bucket name must be like according to above example  same as  and also it must be unique name if some one used it already you have to change it but most case when you use sub domain its your domain name so it less chance to miss the name you wish but you can use the same name at once.

3. Now creating  your DNS server setting for C name.its not that hard it depends on your host.ask custmer service if you dont know where to find DNS settings. most time this  could be like

Host name  S3 or

Type Cname

Value  <<<see dot end of that name must be there ok

once you done that it take some time to recognize all those new dns settings by Amazon  that’s most important parts about

Hide Your Amazon S3 long Link…

You can find more info typing Amazon s3 virtual hosting..and also get your hosting customer care service.

Good luck..

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