how to drive ton of traffic without spamming

drive ton of traffic

Drive ton of traffic without spamming 

drive web traffic

  1. Go social write a viral post or upload a viral video through your own website to see power of social media you will get ton of traffic.
  2. A linking method.find realted posts on high traffic authority blogs link them to your site as soon as they get alerts you can use google alerts free tool.
  3. Use paid can advertise on social media using their adverting programs  or  media buy  is another way to advertise about your site.
  4. Write viral headlines and post and link them to forums in your niches,related link to same niche blogs.
  5. You can interview  other bloggers and post them on your site  once you done that they will link your post to their already traffic generating site “saying i got interviewed from that person if you like take a look” this way  you will get unlimited automated traffic to your site.
  6. Email marketing is another great way t leverage web traffic.if you already have a list or tap into other people’s list broadcast your message about your site or post.
  7. Don’t miss mobile traffic,by upgrading your site to mobile responsive you will get more traffic through other sources,like social media,news forums,organic traffic if your site seo optimized also paid ppc traffic.

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