Why is it so hard to stay productive? productive Posting And Spamming

Why is it so hard to stay productive??

For starters being productive requires a good deal of consistent discipline. It’s all very well being productive for an entire morning – or even an entire day. But what about the next day? and the day after?
If you want to be truly productive then you’re going to need to stay productive day in, day out. This means making the most of each and every working day and prioritising your tasks so that the most important things get done on time.


One of the biggest reasons why many people struggle to stay productive is that they aren’t organised enough. If you’re constantly spending time finding files and locating the right information then it isn’t a good situation for anybody and can really slow you down. This applies to both your computer and the workspace around you.

Not having a clear plan

People who are truly productive know what they need to do – and they know when they’re doing it.People who struggle with productivity on the other hand tend to go about tasks haphazardly. They often aren’t clear on exactly what they need to do – and they definitely aren’t good at prioritising the important stuff.


Perhaps one of the biggest reasons many people struggle to stay productive is that they are surrounded by distractions.
Let’s face it. Everyday life is full of distractions – whether they’re online or offline – and eliminating these distractions (or at the very least reducing them) is absolutely critical to staying productive.
Distractions can be particularly problematic in the online world. I reckon we’ve all been in the situation where these distractions start to spiral out of control…
You see an interesting looking YouTube video and decide to watch it before you get stuck into your work. At the end of the video another one catches your eye and so you decide to watch that too. Inside that video something captures your imagination and so you decide to do a quick Google search to find out more. “Wow, I didn’t know it was possible to do that” you say to yourself, before finding an entire resource on the subject. As you’re browsing, an email notification window pops up telling you that you’ve received a message from someone you’ve been trying to get hold of for a while. You type out a reply and whilst you’re in your inbox you notice an interesting looking email from your favourite marketer…

Can you see what’s happening here?
Before you know it 3 hours have gone by and you haven’t even started the original task you set out to do.
This is crazy – and yet it’s an easy cycle to get into and one that millions of people find themselves struggling with every single day.
and distractions don’t have to be online either. They can be in the form of the TV, radio and even your own friends and family. Each time you’re kids come into your office and ask for something you’re probably losing a LOT of time in terms of productivity. Sure, they might only come in and ask you a quick question before leaving again – but the problem is that it distracts you away from your thoughts. By the time you’ve re-focused and got back on track you’ve lost a lot more time than you probably think.
Ok – so in this book we’re going to help you overcome some of these things and hopefully get you in a position where you’re more productive than you’ve ever been before.
Are you excited about becoming more productive?
If you’re not then you really should be. If you want to get more done each and every day then you’ve got to actually WANT to become productive. This isn’t just going to happen without you making changes to the way you operate, ok?

Be productive before make second income thoughts!

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